i saw wall-e for the first time yesterday. i decided all who say “it was alright” are stupid. i loved it! pretty decent score but the fact that it started out with “put on your sunday clothes” from hello dolly..just stole my heart :) wall-e is adorable. those eyes, the way he collects random stuff, and how in awe he is with eve…i wanna take him home! haha, he saves the friggin world, and all the fatties! and he never gives up..oh wall-e, you silly robot, thank you :p

everything about this picture makes my lil heart skip a beat :)
theres so much to say here :)

1. i love sundays...you'd think i wouldnt, with the whole "not turning on the tv" and "sabbath day" stuff...but once you actually start following it..its actually really nice :) i write tons, actually play my violin now..blog a little ;) ...read my scriptures...and spend time with my family...especially with all the hectic changes right around the corner, all the peace and calm sundays bring now is really appreciated..

2. thank you Kosy 106.5 haha "sounds of the sabbath" is the best :P

3. tomorrow mornin Raul and i are gonna go to the salt lake city temple...sounds crazy, but ive never been inside and im way excited :D this could finally be it...the one thing is that we're going before school..so i can see how it could probably get screwed up..but i am gonna try my very hardest because..i might convince my mom to let raul get baptized for my grandpa (who's name was also raul...coincidence? i think not ) its just...its exciting

4. i cannot wait till the christmas lights go on downtown :) and it looks just like this pretty picture 

"what i wore"

ima attempt one of these what i wore posts...
fall is definitely the season for me :) i have some nice shorts, a few cute flowery dresses, a decent amount of thick coats and a small collection of scarves, but truly at the end of the day, most of my wardrobe fits in the "autumn" category..its the most laid back season, warm, sophisticated, and the colors are so...lovely :) i have a TON on brown clothes...about seven pairs of boots and i look great in turtle necks (kinda funny actually) ...i have a lot of beige and just.."old" people pieces...knits...etc...anyways..i wasn't quite brave enough to post a picture of all my outfit..but i did wear maxi's beautiful boots..and i french braided my hair...to compliment my beige with faded flowers dress :) 

Well, a Year's gone by

thats right..more than 365 days since my last post and boy has it been an adventure..first and foremost i got a tumblr, which i update regularly
i think until i really have down exactly if i want to keep this blogspot i will just randomly choose old posts from tumblr and place them here :) anyways..today was nice, we had a cool genealogy talk at church which really inspired me to do some (which im suppose to go to the temple with raul tomorrow for...hmmm) anywhoo..smack middle of the talk i realize id left my phone and my ipod in another classroom (cue slight panic attack) no worries my awesome sunday school teacher, Erumis (yes, thats his name) had it and it was all under control...after church i had an interview with my bishop in which he said "i have an indiscreet question" ...oh ok, cause thats not suppose to wig me out, "are you waiting for Ruben?" ....you mean Elder Gonzalez, President AƱazco? hmmmm....how did you manage to choose the one subject that has been... gnawing at my ankles all week? (zombie movie reference) 
"We still write to each other, and we really care for the other..but we're gonna see when he gets back, we've both changed a lot" ...ahhh the good ol' safe answer i give everybody who asks this quite indiscreet question indeed....whats worse is that today as i slipped my ramen noodles i thought about that first sunday after he gets back...they'll probably ask me to give a talk (no sarcasm intended...i go to a hispanic ward and apparently, culture wins religion in these instances) what am i suppose to do? a year ago since my last post..i was madly in love with a sweet boy who had just left for his mission...well its been a year and half since then and...well, the months have not gone in vain...i've tripped and learned a lot and..i suppose he has too (although he conveniently has angels to "lighten his load") i just...want to know whats right..if any of you have an answer, by all means, contribute :) he wants to get married and whether i do or dont it wont be happening any time soon, no worries...i know, i know.."you're only seventeen! why are you even thinking of marriage! you'll meet so many people!" well...thats easy to say..but my track record is pretty hideous...and..he is really good to me...but...im limiting myself..i know i am..by always having him in my life, even if "on the back-burner" ...i can't "replace" my love for him..i can't just..break up with him once i find somebody better..no, i have to..be an adult, and if i want to break up with him (which i would never want to but, it's whats "best for me", no?) i should break up with him...and then maybe i'd meet somebody new...sigh...i dont know..maybe i should stick to tumblr..i never write this much on there...Robyese.tumblr.com