theres so much to say here :)

1. i love'd think i wouldnt, with the whole "not turning on the tv" and "sabbath day" stuff...but once you actually start following it..its actually really nice :) i write tons, actually play my violin a little ;) my scriptures...and spend time with my family...especially with all the hectic changes right around the corner, all the peace and calm sundays bring now is really appreciated..

2. thank you Kosy 106.5 haha "sounds of the sabbath" is the best :P

3. tomorrow mornin Raul and i are gonna go to the salt lake city temple...sounds crazy, but ive never been inside and im way excited :D this could finally be it...the one thing is that we're going before i can see how it could probably get screwed up..but i am gonna try my very hardest because..i might convince my mom to let raul get baptized for my grandpa (who's name was also raul...coincidence? i think not ) its just...its exciting

4. i cannot wait till the christmas lights go on downtown :) and it looks just like this pretty picture 

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