"what i wore"

ima attempt one of these what i wore posts...
fall is definitely the season for me :) i have some nice shorts, a few cute flowery dresses, a decent amount of thick coats and a small collection of scarves, but truly at the end of the day, most of my wardrobe fits in the "autumn" category..its the most laid back season, warm, sophisticated, and the colors are so...lovely :) i have a TON on brown clothes...about seven pairs of boots and i look great in turtle necks (kinda funny actually) ...i have a lot of beige and just.."old" people pieces...knits...etc...anyways..i wasn't quite brave enough to post a picture of all my outfit..but i did wear maxi's beautiful boots..and i french braided my hair...to compliment my beige with faded flowers dress :) 

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