In June..

I hate when I'm this nostalgic. I hate it. I hate feeling like I'm missing something or it the missionary?

:( I think it might be...last night I dreamt my mommy...passed away :( and Shmose was trying to comfort me and all I kept saying was "I just want _____" (the missionary's name) over and over again... Other than my mom and the fatty...the missionary's all I got :/ he's the only other person that I feel truly loves me and wants what's best for me...I hate this feeling of him slipping away. He comes home in five months..I've made it this far..yet it feels like I'm losing memories exponentially..and when he gets back I totally self sabotage everything? Or...if we just don't love each other? ...sigh. I need to get ready for church

Oh, Mr. Darcy!

I just started watching The King's Speech (I try and catch all the award contenders before award season) and literally in the first fifteen seconds I'm already highly enjoying it! ....this scene is adorbs..I'm excited...altho..Colin Firth will always be Mr. Darcy :)

The music DIDN'T stop!

Today I went to Sundance and I saw a fantastic movie called The Music Never Stopped, they don't have an official trailer otherwise I'd be goin nuts postin it everywhere...but seriously, this movie is a gem :)

Its based on a study by Oliver Sacks on this guy who had a benign brain tumor that messed with his ability to form any new memories or have a normal life at all really. His father who loved music (Bing Crosby etc) gets him a music therapist when he reads an article about how music can help cognitive development...indeed the music helps, it makes his son seem normal, talks, remembers, completely different than the usual vegetative and lost state he's always in...but to the father's disappointment...the only music his son has genuinely beautiful memories attached to are the greatest of the 60's (Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead) ....therefore his son is stuck mentally in the era between '58 and '70....

My Take On It: From beginning to end I was entranced with this movie, as soon as I saw J.K. Simmons (Indie movie darling) was in it (who could for get his "gonna think the sun shines out your ass" Juno speech?)  and the music! oh the music was magnificent! they started with some classy jazz and I was a goner...and as the plot developed I got weaker...the son is adorable, the script is funny in the most heartwarming way possible (truly...bunch of "awww! hahaha" ) and every time a new song came on my smile got wider and wider...I just wanted to sing along! "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me! I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to!"

bad thing: Celia!

FAVORITE thing: how excited and emotional Gabriel got with each song...every song was so poetic and deep..each one was part of a beautiful memory..flawless acting :) 

heeheehee hahahaha huhuhuhu hohohoho

I watched George Lopez's Tall, Dark and Chicano on Comedy Central the other night and it was hilarious....very very racist (sorry white people :/) slightly vulgar in some parts...but other than that, I laughed very might've been too tired to really notice...but:

Lets get together, yeah yeah yeah!

I watched the Parent Trap yesterday with the fatty 
  and I realized: this movie never gets old!

plus it has a fantastic score!
and honestly, its the only good thing LiLo has ever done :/
I pretend I know which twin is which.
When I was little, I convinced my brothers I was a twin. 


"ma please take us to Sundance, it's like our Disneyland"

"whenever you want something you make it seem like it's 'life or death'"

"no. this is SUNDANCE or death"

"why do you want to go? the road to Park City is so dangerous"

"when will James Franco ever be so close to me?! he's in the same state!"

"what are you hoping to accomplish?"

"marry him."

"you think he's gonna see you and just marry you right then and there?"

"there will have to be some sweet talkin', but yes"

"you're ridiculous"

"I'm not gonna invite you if you're gonna be an obstacle to our love"

"lemme work!"

"mom when I say those kinda you think I'm serious? I feel your respect slipping out of my hands"

"aren't you going with your school tomorrow?"

"ughhh!!! we're going to a downtown theater...and what am I suppose to do 'k, teachums, imma go stalk some cha at the bus'"

"and that's what you want right? to reek havoc?"

"no I want to go to a premiere and stand behind a line where I'll have to elbow and shove several girls out of the way and scream 'CHAAAYYMES!!!! CHAAAYAAYYMES!!!!'"


Shalom! :) today I went to church...which I love..I also had a great moment where I wore a lovely dress I never had before but I had to sew and fix it and in the end it looked great! I felt very "coco chanel"    :p

yesterday (and generally this week) has been just so pleasant :)  I got a new school schedule because of the new semester, I got a raise, and I went to the temple amongst other things :)

tomorrow morning I am going to the Sundance festival and I am just tickled pink :)  ....Imma have to go now..gotta go eat with the fam...but I will be back in a few...

Fatty Fatso

I have a HORRIBLE stomach ache :/ ....if only I wasn't such a fatty

Princess and the Frog

I watched the Princess and the Frog with Angie today- her aunt never lets her do anything...(its a disney movie for lulu's sake!) probably wasn't a good idea, becuase it always reminds me of shmose (idk why) which with how he's been acting, is just more annoying..ugh my missionary needs to get here, so then everything will be ok :) goodness I miss him

One for the books...

2010 was an...interesting year for me...amongst the ton of junk i did this year...this is some of the highlights some of the stuff i was able to get pictures of...and that were already neatly organized in my mom's computer:

Welcomed in the New Year with some solid people.

i got my braces taken off

I Got My Eye on You

I've been talking to...Shmose* for three days straight..and I don't want to stop. He makes me laugh, I feel super comfortable with him, he's my best friend, we never run out of things to say, I can be honest with him, he knows all my deepest secrets, he loves all the stupid stuff I love, he knows I'm a loser and doesn't care :p , AND he thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread.

also..He absolutely shattered my heart :/ ....we dated for a while (Massive Mistake) , had an incredibly tumultuous roller coaster ride..and broke up and it was just the messiest, meanest, hurtful thing we've ever done to each other....we even had to stop talking to each other for months...because every word that dripped out of our mouths just hurt and scarred the situation even more...

about a month ago...we seemed to be doing better..both of us..our "feelings" for each other dissolved..lives moved new people..all good :) ...and so sometimes we talk

but see...talkin to...shmose is incredibly addicting...I don't have feelings for him (that part of my heart is buried, sealed, and locked) but we can't just STOP TELLING EACH OTHER EVERYTHING. :|

we shouldn't have ever ever dated. ever. then this wouldn't be a problem :) and my missionary wouldn't be all threatened by him...blergggg!!!!

*names were changed for the security of the parties at hand.

If W magazine says so!

W magazine published their list for best performances of the year...and i must agree these were all pretty i have to see these:

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis: Black Swan
 I actually saw this one. way intense. I wouldn't watch it again..but i get why people are having a cow

Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield: The Social Network
 I was the only one of my friends that wanted to see this movie...and I'm the only one that hasn't :/

Javier Bardem: Biutiful
I have no idea what this movie is even about, I've never heard of it..but it has Javier Bardem, so it must be fantastic.

Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Annette Bening: The Kids are Alright.
This is another one that I was dying to see months before it came out, and now that it's out..I "just don't find the time"

Jeff Bridges: True Grit

Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter: The King's Speech
Aubri's been blabbin bout this for actutally look pretty good though :) gotta get on that. 

Elle Fanning- Somewhere
I already like Elle Fanning more than Dakota...who by the way is also on W magazine's list for "The Runaways" ....but I didn't consider including comparison Elle's small amount of work beats Dakota's (except for "I Am Sam," great f***ing movie) ..Elle did this movie about a relationship between a girl and her dad and it just looks solid (i have slight dad issues myself, so that might be a selling point) 

and thats the only ones worth mentioning :p 

An Education

Aubri was crazy! this movie is magnifico! :) i loved it...I loved the character Graham as well as the character Danny, i highly respect Carey Mulligan, the costumes, the filters in the camera, the scenery, the accents, the was just great, and it didnt have any crazy sex scene that i couldn't survive with my parents..i highly enjoyed it. this was a lil tidbit i particularly made me smile very much..prolly cause i love jews, altho now looking might be slightly inappropriate...oh well :)

So the headmistress was all:

and then Jenny was all:

and i was all:

It was great

That's Rape!

hahaha this kid is gold :)

man...tumblr is being infested by these girls..I mean, I've been sad bout this, but these girls are Ridikulus!

Sum Sereeeus stuf.

Applying for scholarships. I had to write about twelve small essays for the Dell Scholars application. They all sounded dull and average. Just like all my scholarship stuff..that ask questions like: "what's your greatest achievement?" {sarcastic font} performed open heart surgery before prom.{/sarcastic font}I'm finally graduating high school! I've been working my ass off for twelve years! I haven't had time to solve the world's economic crisis! graduating is my greatest achievment! - Rant

anywhooooo...this is the first scholarship that's asked for a plain personal I threw everythin out the window and just said it like it is:

I've got gumption. I do. I love to learn and meet new people and grow, and this moment in my life- this is a rebirth for me. Everything I've known is about to change, but it will be because all of my hardwork, dilligence and patience is paying off. But for this to happen, I need your help. I cannot achieve my greatest without it. I want to make a difference in the most positive way I can, but unfortunately, drive and textbooks can't pay tuition and bills. I know my life hasn't been tragic, that I haven't lived in a box or had a drug problem or anything of the sort and I know the kid out there who has will probably get priority and I understand, BUT if for any reason you have a slot, PLEASE give me a chance, just give me an interview. I will not let you down, I will not waste your money, I will work so hard, I just need somebody to believe in me. In an average suburban girl, who will make a difference. I will. I wish I could word how much passion and drive I have, please give me a chance. Please. I have to make it out there.

goodness gracious I hope the person who reads my application has a heart :/

...I should've gotten yogurt

I find I'm at my oddest in the morning. The following is my train of thought for breakfast:

"on to the most important meal of the day...

what to I want...cereal-cold. Out.


Too predictable..

..hmm..I should stare into the abyss that is my pantry..

...that is metaphorical abyss, because we have everything.

Hmmm what can I make out of powdered milk, lentils and hamburger helper?

...I accept the challenge.

......One thing is for certain. I want orange juice.

Wait. Do I? dop boodop

Why is there detergent in my fridge?

Oh my gosh. How creepy would it be if somebody was trying to poison us.

....Is it too early for pork-chops?

Rhetorical question.

Worse than detergent. Why are there suppositories in my fridge.


....hmmm. No.

Cheez whiz, popcorn and cereal. What am I suppose to do with this?

Am I really that hungry?

....(the lyrics to "take a chance on me" by abba)

...if only we still had some ramen.

-internal angry voice- GET IT TOGETHER! concentrate. What do you want to eat?

Toast. With butter and jam. And orange juice (I knew it) this wheat?! ....I hope my mom's not trying to trick us again. "

Roslina Daintymouth

today was fantastic, school started out great and all that good stuff...but things didnt get goin till after school:
  • i got my grades up! :) they're not fantastic...but seriously i did no work this term...i was surprised i even got past a 2.0 :O

  • I went to get Navajo tacos with some friends...yum!
  • I saw True Grit! finally, and it was amazing! ( us tryin to sneak in navajo tacos was definitely one of the highlights) *sigh* love me some Coen brothers

  • Went to see the Opera! Hansel and Gretel...not that great, but interesting experience...I'm definitely more of a ballet girl when it comes to those things.
this is Roslina Daintymouth..bha!
  • Went on a crazy adventure around downtown Salt Lake, oh boy...almost died :p
  • Had some delicious pizza at Litza's Pizza!!...delicious. delicious.
  • As i drove home, i stopped by my mailbox and picked up the mail...Darjeeling Limited from netflix! best way to end the night...oh netflix how you make my heart beat :)

now, is this not just the best day? yes :) i'm go cuddle up, text somebody that makes me smile and watch a great movie. 


Christmas at mi casa is lovely :) always...we take ton of pictures..that i never as i stalked my mom's facebook for something i found some good ones:

hm hm...i didnt look too shabby :P 

my dog attacking us..she wanted to get to the presents...
CTR necklace from my lil brother :) 
my brothers camera did many things i could fill it in with..
tryin to get a family pic goin..
the 'rents...
the pie 
the clean up 

next year i honestly (and with all respect) would love to get to celebrate Hanukkah too...this season I realized its a beautiful religion and culture that is not recognized enough...i want to meet a culturally jewish boy that religiously LDS (the guy who directs the church's tours of Jerusalem is so shush!) and is hispanic...too much? :P shalom friends! 

I turned everything in. really. i think

I'm a 3.5 student. no chance in hell im surviving this last year of high school...i have a chronic case of need a transplant, radiation, pills, shots, and there is still nothing that can be done!!!!! ahhhh!!!! the saddest that i don't really care :/ really gonna try this term..really :|

dang tendons!

lovely day sleddin with the fam till BAMMMM, my tendon got sprained (honestly i think it might've severed, but my doctor is a bit of a nincompoop) mother blamed my gorgeous shoes...i blamed brothers say its the lack of vegetables in my diet..the blame game goes on..point is i havent cried that bad since lizzie mcguire got cancelled and the pain was almost as sincere...but it was just a tendon so no biggie..other than the feeling of my knee popping out :/