ahhh!!!! tumblr

i wish with all my heart that i could transfer  my tumblr on over here :/ its hard to have two blogs...but tumblr (god bless it) is too much pop culture..things i love...but...im not accepted for me! ahhhh!! imma see what i do:

this was in december, we did La Tertulia (Young Women in Excellence) and we had to be righteous women in church history...i was Esther (cause i thing jews are cool ♥) jazz was mary (cause she's that virtuous) and Angie was Emma Smith...cause she's Angie :p and chris...well chris was just there :)

 im the only one in costume here....not cool...any whoo...i have a ton of new things to post...hopefully i'll be able to get this thingy the same feel my beautiful tumblr originally had...we were so perfect for each other...but we just grew apart :/ ...maybe it can be my "mistress" kinda situation.

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