I Got My Eye on You

I've been talking to...Shmose* for three days straight..and I don't want to stop. He makes me laugh, I feel super comfortable with him, he's my best friend, we never run out of things to say, I can be honest with him, he knows all my deepest secrets, he loves all the stupid stuff I love, he knows I'm a loser and doesn't care :p , AND he thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread.

also..He absolutely shattered my heart :/ ....we dated for a while (Massive Mistake) , had an incredibly tumultuous roller coaster ride..and broke up and it was just the messiest, meanest, hurtful thing we've ever done to each other....we even had to stop talking to each other for months...because every word that dripped out of our mouths just hurt and scarred the situation even more...

about a month ago...we seemed to be doing better..both of us..our "feelings" for each other dissolved..lives moved on...dating new people..all good :) ...and so sometimes we talk

but see...talkin to...shmose is incredibly addicting...I don't have feelings for him (that part of my heart is buried, sealed, and locked) but we can't just STOP TELLING EACH OTHER EVERYTHING. :|

we shouldn't have ever ever dated. ever. then this wouldn't be a problem :) and my missionary wouldn't be all threatened by him...blergggg!!!!

*names were changed for the security of the parties at hand.

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