...I should've gotten yogurt

I find I'm at my oddest in the morning. The following is my train of thought for breakfast:

"on to the most important meal of the day...

what to I want...cereal-cold. Out.


Too predictable..

..hmm..I should stare into the abyss that is my pantry..

...that is metaphorical abyss, because we have everything.

Hmmm what can I make out of powdered milk, lentils and hamburger helper?

...I accept the challenge.

......One thing is for certain. I want orange juice.

Wait. Do I?

...boo dop boodop

Why is there detergent in my fridge?

Oh my gosh. How creepy would it be if somebody was trying to poison us.

....Is it too early for pork-chops?

Rhetorical question.

Worse than detergent. Why are there suppositories in my fridge.


....hmmm. No.

Cheez whiz, popcorn and cereal. What am I suppose to do with this?

Am I really that hungry?

....(the lyrics to "take a chance on me" by abba)

...if only we still had some ramen.

-internal angry voice- GET IT TOGETHER! concentrate. What do you want to eat?

Toast. With butter and jam. And orange juice (I knew it)

....is this wheat?! ....I hope my mom's not trying to trick us again. "

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