"ma please take us to Sundance, it's like our Disneyland"

"whenever you want something you make it seem like it's 'life or death'"

"no. this is SUNDANCE or death"

"why do you want to go? the road to Park City is so dangerous"

"when will James Franco ever be so close to me?! he's in the same state!"

"what are you hoping to accomplish?"

"marry him."

"you think he's gonna see you and just marry you right then and there?"

"there will have to be some sweet talkin', but yes"

"you're ridiculous"

"I'm not gonna invite you if you're gonna be an obstacle to our love"

"lemme work!"

"mom when I say those kinda you think I'm serious? I feel your respect slipping out of my hands"

"aren't you going with your school tomorrow?"

"ughhh!!! we're going to a downtown theater...and what am I suppose to do 'k, teachums, imma go stalk some cha at the bus'"

"and that's what you want right? to reek havoc?"

"no I want to go to a premiere and stand behind a line where I'll have to elbow and shove several girls out of the way and scream 'CHAAAYYMES!!!! CHAAAYAAYYMES!!!!'"

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