Missionaries Hurrah!

i gave a talk today in church about the atonement, which actually was incredibly good considering i wrote it as they were passing the sacrament, my brothers got to be there which was lovely :) family support is so underrated. then i went home and ate..yummers...did some homework and most importantly checked my tumblr...i complain too much..tumblt is the best thing since sliced bread...you get little joys like:
and this
and just enough of this

it makes me smile :) 

later i went to a fireside about missionary work..and we got to see this cool short film called the butterfly circus. watch it: 
it will inspire you :D

then i came home and talked to mama bout savin a dear friend of mine...productive sunday..except that im delaying cleaning my room :| so im eating oatmeal raisin cookies with room temperature milk instead and blogging..i need to sleep 

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