The music DIDN'T stop!

Today I went to Sundance and I saw a fantastic movie called The Music Never Stopped, they don't have an official trailer otherwise I'd be goin nuts postin it everywhere...but seriously, this movie is a gem :)

Its based on a study by Oliver Sacks on this guy who had a benign brain tumor that messed with his ability to form any new memories or have a normal life at all really. His father who loved music (Bing Crosby etc) gets him a music therapist when he reads an article about how music can help cognitive development...indeed the music helps, it makes his son seem normal, talks, remembers, completely different than the usual vegetative and lost state he's always in...but to the father's disappointment...the only music his son has genuinely beautiful memories attached to are the greatest of the 60's (Janis Joplin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead) ....therefore his son is stuck mentally in the era between '58 and '70....

My Take On It: From beginning to end I was entranced with this movie, as soon as I saw J.K. Simmons (Indie movie darling) was in it (who could for get his "gonna think the sun shines out your ass" Juno speech?)  and the music! oh the music was magnificent! they started with some classy jazz and I was a goner...and as the plot developed I got weaker...the son is adorable, the script is funny in the most heartwarming way possible (truly...bunch of "awww! hahaha" ) and every time a new song came on my smile got wider and wider...I just wanted to sing along! "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me! I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to!"

bad thing: Celia!

FAVORITE thing: how excited and emotional Gabriel got with each song...every song was so poetic and deep..each one was part of a beautiful memory..flawless acting :) 

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