One for the books...

2010 was an...interesting year for me...amongst the ton of junk i did this year...this is some of the highlights some of the stuff i was able to get pictures of...and that were already neatly organized in my mom's computer:

Welcomed in the New Year with some solid people.

i got my braces taken off

i dated this we even looked weird together haha

my amazing cousin lived with us for a year (i'm sister deprived) 

Was a Class Officer

planned, stressed, designed the dress and finally went to prom...shmose and i dont look too bad in that pic :) we are wearing masks though.. :p

i got a puppy! (my ma never ever ever let us have pets...ever) her name is Lily 

Spent Way too much time with the German

Spent way too much time with Raul

Spent way too much time with Jazz

Dissected a cow eye, heart and lung...but the heart was by far the most amazing :)

turned 17 :)

I was in a few plays :) 

 Broke up with this guy (here we're all kicks and giggles...but trust me, not the case in reality)

I started wearing my glasses :) and mustaches

tried my hand at being blonde...not good :p

Went to girls camp :) 

Went to see John Mayer, and met Ben Lee! :) I also saw FUN and 30 Seconds to Mars... as well as Neon Trees..I could've seen more..but it was a slow year :p

Went to Manti with Raul and Jazz to see the Pageant :) 

Touched and analyzed a human brain...that was cool 

Went to Youth Conference- BOOT camp 

Got Hired at In-N-Out (245 baby!) 

My family did a TV show (FoodNanny- for BYU it hahaha :p ) 

Started my Senior Year :)))))

went to Homecoming with Shmanourath :) ..popped my knee that day :/

Went to Sadie Hawkins as Minnie Mouse..with Benny :) but I still haven't scanned that picture (in fact i didnt even pick it up from the office till like december :p )

   did Young Women in Excellence (Tertulia) ..I was suppose to be Esther

I got EMS and CPR certified by the Red Cross...this is dummy hahaha

Looked Bombin Thanksgiving (my baby brother is a horrible photographer...sure blame the photographer :p )

looked bombin on Christmas :p

looked pretty good New Years too :p

for New Years, My resolution is to just chill:

whew..I've been trying to make this list since before the New Years Eve...ridiculous!

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