Roslina Daintymouth

today was fantastic, school started out great and all that good stuff...but things didnt get goin till after school:
  • i got my grades up! :) they're not fantastic...but seriously i did no work this term...i was surprised i even got past a 2.0 :O

  • I went to get Navajo tacos with some friends...yum!
  • I saw True Grit! finally, and it was amazing! ( us tryin to sneak in navajo tacos was definitely one of the highlights) *sigh* love me some Coen brothers

  • Went to see the Opera! Hansel and Gretel...not that great, but interesting experience...I'm definitely more of a ballet girl when it comes to those things.
this is Roslina Daintymouth..bha!
  • Went on a crazy adventure around downtown Salt Lake, oh boy...almost died :p
  • Had some delicious pizza at Litza's Pizza!!...delicious. delicious.
  • As i drove home, i stopped by my mailbox and picked up the mail...Darjeeling Limited from netflix! best way to end the night...oh netflix how you make my heart beat :)

now, is this not just the best day? yes :) i'm go cuddle up, text somebody that makes me smile and watch a great movie. 

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