Christmas at mi casa is lovely :) always...we take ton of pictures..that i never as i stalked my mom's facebook for something i found some good ones:

hm hm...i didnt look too shabby :P 

my dog attacking us..she wanted to get to the presents...
CTR necklace from my lil brother :) 
my brothers camera did many things i could fill it in with..
tryin to get a family pic goin..
the 'rents...
the pie 
the clean up 

next year i honestly (and with all respect) would love to get to celebrate Hanukkah too...this season I realized its a beautiful religion and culture that is not recognized enough...i want to meet a culturally jewish boy that religiously LDS (the guy who directs the church's tours of Jerusalem is so shush!) and is hispanic...too much? :P shalom friends! 

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