Sum Sereeeus stuf.

Applying for scholarships. I had to write about twelve small essays for the Dell Scholars application. They all sounded dull and average. Just like all my scholarship stuff..that ask questions like: "what's your greatest achievement?" {sarcastic font} performed open heart surgery before prom.{/sarcastic font}I'm finally graduating high school! I've been working my ass off for twelve years! I haven't had time to solve the world's economic crisis! graduating is my greatest achievment! - Rant

anywhooooo...this is the first scholarship that's asked for a plain personal I threw everythin out the window and just said it like it is:

I've got gumption. I do. I love to learn and meet new people and grow, and this moment in my life- this is a rebirth for me. Everything I've known is about to change, but it will be because all of my hardwork, dilligence and patience is paying off. But for this to happen, I need your help. I cannot achieve my greatest without it. I want to make a difference in the most positive way I can, but unfortunately, drive and textbooks can't pay tuition and bills. I know my life hasn't been tragic, that I haven't lived in a box or had a drug problem or anything of the sort and I know the kid out there who has will probably get priority and I understand, BUT if for any reason you have a slot, PLEASE give me a chance, just give me an interview. I will not let you down, I will not waste your money, I will work so hard, I just need somebody to believe in me. In an average suburban girl, who will make a difference. I will. I wish I could word how much passion and drive I have, please give me a chance. Please. I have to make it out there.

goodness gracious I hope the person who reads my application has a heart :/

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