Oh, Louie :)

Louis C.K.'s Hilarios (2010)

oh louie...you so smart :) 

Miss America!!!!

where was this kid when I was five?! I was the only little girl playing "office" ....."michelle, we're not playing house, and no respectable firm is gonna allow you to bring your...child to work, thank you"

"I'd like to thank the Academy..."

My debut as a film director (and producer and writer and actress and editor and camaraman etc etc etc...) is in the following films:

this was a late valentine's day gift for Aubri and Lauren :p haha..jazz and I were home bored 

and this is what I sent the missionary..cause I was broke this year and couldn't afford to send him something :p

haha this is definitely my life calling. One thing is for sure though..Jazz and I are gonna make a movie every week now


Glee will be doing "Take Me or Leave Me" from RENT.


Suckers On Sunday

this last Sunday was our stake conference...it was pretty good..I didn;t have to translate so it was nice to sit with my family :) ...i tried to look nice in case I ran into Shlevi  hehehehe ...didn't run into him...but thish ish wat I war:

 This is my candy striped skirt :)

My photographer trying to concentrate during church

I'm trying new bangs...hmm hmm...not completely sure yet


PHOEBE: I didn’t realize this game was on!MONICA: Oh, I didn’t know you like football. PHOEBE: Well, normally I don’t. But, you know… Green Bay is playing.MONICA: You like Green Bay?PHOEBE: Well, it’s only like, my favorite bay!
8x09 The One With The Rumor

PHOEBE: I didn’t realize this game was on!
Oh, I didn’t know you like football.
PHOEBE: Well, normally I don’t. But, you know… Green Bay is playing.
MONICA: You like Green Bay?
PHOEBE: Well, it’s only like, my favorite bay!
8x09 The One With The Rumor


Shmdavid: I swear!
Me: nuh-uh!
Shmdavid: really!
Me: Say "bible!"
Shmdavid: Bible. ....there is no wrong way to say bible

Shmathan: Bib- hul.

hahaha my brothers are great :D


goodness! it's finally February! January just took its sweet time, didn't it?! anyhooooo...lots has gone on...I've spent tons of time at the U, and it's definitely where I wanna go to college...I mean, I already knew that..but now I'm super sure. ....have had some crazy adventures there (man! it's a big school) taking scholarships and stuff...speakin of scholarships....this is what I wrote on the KFC one I am filling out right now (really the only reason I post all my essays on here is because I'm hoping I can put them all together and come up with one really good one for the Larry H. Miller scholarship....my blog seemed a safe choice) The question was:
 What are your educational and career goals?
So I answered:
 Honestly, I don't know. Part of the journey I'm about to go on is figuring it out, right? Ok, you want the "dream?" The dream would be to go to college, go to medical school become a fantastic surgeon, help a few years in third world countries, become the best in my field until I have any kind of administrative power over a hospital and then just help. Just get the word out there about how people are lacking medicine, to keep growing and (still do surgeries whenever I can) someday perhaps stand at the UN and advise on medical issues, all while having a family. The "dream," give-or-take.

is it too much? I mean I'm just sick of trying to sound professional and all...It ain't workin...so I'm saying it as it is! TAKE OR LEAVE ME! (I accidentally hit the caps button...but I kinda like it...yeah!)