goodness! it's finally February! January just took its sweet time, didn't it?! anyhooooo...lots has gone on...I've spent tons of time at the U, and it's definitely where I wanna go to college...I mean, I already knew that..but now I'm super sure. ....have had some crazy adventures there (man! it's a big school) taking scholarships and stuff...speakin of scholarships....this is what I wrote on the KFC one I am filling out right now (really the only reason I post all my essays on here is because I'm hoping I can put them all together and come up with one really good one for the Larry H. Miller blog seemed a safe choice) The question was:
 What are your educational and career goals?
So I answered:
 Honestly, I don't know. Part of the journey I'm about to go on is figuring it out, right? Ok, you want the "dream?" The dream would be to go to college, go to medical school become a fantastic surgeon, help a few years in third world countries, become the best in my field until I have any kind of administrative power over a hospital and then just help. Just get the word out there about how people are lacking medicine, to keep growing and (still do surgeries whenever I can) someday perhaps stand at the UN and advise on medical issues, all while having a family. The "dream," give-or-take.

is it too much? I mean I'm just sick of trying to sound professional and all...It ain't I'm saying it as it is! TAKE OR LEAVE ME! (I accidentally hit the caps button...but I kinda like it...yeah!)


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