The Best City in the World

Coney Island

at Madame Tussauds with Mike

FRIENDS apartment AND the cafe at the end of "No Reservations"

Yankee Stadium

long story haha

Harry Potter Exhibit

Statue of Liberty


hangin with some of my favorites, James, Salvador, and Daniel

Dylan's Candy Bar

At the Met. Mr.Capote there :)

Times Square

Trump Tower

Some more Coney Island. We liked it a lot :)

We seriously took over 600 pics, these are just some of my faves :)


Happy fathers day to all the great dads all out there :) honestly though, for me, it's just another mothers day :) my mama is the best father and mother I could ever have asked for!

And totally off subject.. Today I got home from church and took a picture with ma lily... Which for some unknown reason I call "lily fred"

Lil Lady

I...don't have an "about me" thing...which...I actually don't need one but I'm bored

In my life...right now I...

  • Am going to The University Of Utah in the study who knows what..
  • Love theater..but now that I'm out of high school that dream is crushed and will never see fruit. 
  • Am single and minglin' a lil too much..nothin shady but...tired of the "two week boyfriend" 

  • I looooooovveee movies and will be fully using my netflix subscription this summer as well as my vast knowledge of illegal movie downloading sites :D
  • I work at In-N-Out.
  • I add "Shm" to the front of everybody's name in my blog for the protection of my loved ones...and in avoidance of a lawsuit. 
  • I am Mormon.
  • I am a crazy liberal. 
  • I've found a balance don't worry.
  • I have a grand total of four friends...well five..well five that..I can't live without. So five. 
  • I follow at total of three blogs. I like it that way. 
  • There is one picture of myself that I like and that I will shamelessly use as my identifier till I'm wrinkly 

  • Love fashion but I'm broke as hell...therefore I always end up shopping at the DI (aka..thrift heaven)
  • I need a new hobby besides blogging. 

Wretched Heat

I'm back in the Valley...yet I left my heart in NYC...perhaps an excuse to go back someday? :D anywhoo....the heat here is melting whatever is left of this heartbroken soul (yes, I'm that bummed about leaving NYC so soon) ..I did get to hang out wid da tribe last night

The Tribe
) problemo was when I didn't call my mamas and ended up staying out way past that horrid curfew...who does she think she is!? running my life!? ...sorry.. this heat is making me cranky..I love my mommy....point is: I'm in trouble and I've got no way out of these four walls that trap me! ...apparently heat also expands my vocabulary.

The missionary comes home today. I think. Or tomorrow...and I'm super excited for him to start his life and all that great mumbo jumbo but people of my branch make me eternally uncomfortable with the

 "are you two gonna get married?" 

........nigga please. 

"Oh oh oh...can't party anymore now that he's comin home" 
...nigga PALEEZZZ.....

The missionary is fabulous and I miss him as ma friend...but I think I will go nuts if one more person assumes I haven't changed/ grown in the least in the past two years...its insane! .... grr...I need to go fly a kite or do something five times more productive than banter on the world wide web..adieux

I ♥ NY

So far, this little lady has been to/ seen/ bought at/ enjoyed the likes of:

  • The Empire State Building
  • The Chrysler Building
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Rockafellar Center
  • Central Park
  • Trump Tower
  • Donald Trump
  • Chinatown
  • Coney Island
  • Little Italy
  • Manhattan Temple
  • Very friendly New Yorkers (cept you hot dog vendor!)
  • Times Square
  • Mamma Mia!
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Elmo
  • Blue and Yellow M&M
  • M&M Wolrd
  • Dylan's Candy Bar
  • H&M
  • Local Mormon Kiddos :)
  • Lots of the Subway
  • Lots of my momma and brother
  • Lots of the grumpy ol' man we're stayin' with....

Let's see what tomorrow has in store for us :)

This Beautiful Concrete Jungle

So I'm working on a post to catch up everything I've been up to for the past eh..three months? I don't remember. Point is-I know I haven't been around. BUT that fact has to be set aside today and I cannot wait to catch you up on all the other stuff because ...I'm in NEW YORK!!!!

Yes ladies and gents, I may now die and go to heaven. If you know me at all you know that this is a LIFELONG dream of mine that's been haunting my very sleep since the fateful day I saw Breakfast At Tiffany's, I was a sucker.

We arrived today, and although I've only seen Queens, I'm already in love <3 it's just like Caracas. I can't wait to fall in love with the rest of this place, each day a new town, a new charm :) il be postin pics soon.

Here are some of my thoughts today that I wish I could post on facebook or twitter, but I couldn't because as you can see, there were a LOT. :p

*buh bye SLC :)

*God makes the best creations

*ooh I just wanna touch those mountains.

*these hoes falling asleep.

*my mom is the best mom in the world :D

*I can't believe this is happening! :D

*thank god for peanuts and apple juice.. I was friggin starving!!!!

*goodness it's been far too long since I've been in a plane.

*wow does Minnesota even know what a mountain IS?

*eh I was hopin to see a lot more of the "great lakes"

*op jk I found them

*there's some huge landmark in Minneapolis. Right? There has to be. A monument..some needle...a really big something..wait. ..??

*Minneapolis smells like chicken!

* *sleeping sleeping sleeping "ladies and gentleman, we'll be showing and in-flight movie. It's called 'the adjustment bureau'" *wide awake* :)

*oh yeah, take off head rush!

*oh my god. I'm in New York City.... :DDDD

* now you're in New York. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York, New York, New York :)

*New York? Can I just marry you please? I was made for this town :)

Sorry I know for know it's a lot of aerial shots..but more to come tomorrow! :)

"so we're in New York but you're gonna make us wait in the plane for 45 min? Low blow Captain Shaffer, low blow"