Lil Lady

I...don't have an "about me" thing...which...I actually don't need one but I'm bored

In my life...right now I...

  • Am going to The University Of Utah in the study who knows what..
  • Love theater..but now that I'm out of high school that dream is crushed and will never see fruit. 
  • Am single and minglin' a lil too much..nothin shady but...tired of the "two week boyfriend" 

  • I looooooovveee movies and will be fully using my netflix subscription this summer as well as my vast knowledge of illegal movie downloading sites :D
  • I work at In-N-Out.
  • I add "Shm" to the front of everybody's name in my blog for the protection of my loved ones...and in avoidance of a lawsuit. 
  • I am Mormon.
  • I am a crazy liberal. 
  • I've found a balance don't worry.
  • I have a grand total of four friends...well five..well five that..I can't live without. So five. 
  • I follow at total of three blogs. I like it that way. 
  • There is one picture of myself that I like and that I will shamelessly use as my identifier till I'm wrinkly 

  • Love fashion but I'm broke as hell...therefore I always end up shopping at the DI (aka..thrift heaven)
  • I need a new hobby besides blogging. 

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