Wretched Heat

I'm back in the Valley...yet I left my heart in NYC...perhaps an excuse to go back someday? :D anywhoo....the heat here is melting whatever is left of this heartbroken soul (yes, I'm that bummed about leaving NYC so soon) ..I did get to hang out wid da tribe last night

The Tribe
) problemo was when I didn't call my mamas and ended up staying out way past that horrid curfew...who does she think she is!? running my life!? ...sorry.. this heat is making me cranky..I love my mommy....point is: I'm in trouble and I've got no way out of these four walls that trap me! ...apparently heat also expands my vocabulary.

The missionary comes home today. I think. Or tomorrow...and I'm super excited for him to start his life and all that great mumbo jumbo but people of my branch make me eternally uncomfortable with the

 "are you two gonna get married?" 

........nigga please. 

"Oh oh oh...can't party anymore now that he's comin home" 
...nigga PALEEZZZ.....

The missionary is fabulous and I miss him as ma friend...but I think I will go nuts if one more person assumes I haven't changed/ grown in the least in the past two years...its insane! .... grr...I need to go fly a kite or do something five times more productive than banter on the world wide web..adieux

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