I almost died.


Look...a new Book

I got a Lookbook. I thought : "hey, I dress kinda like that sometimes, maybe I can be on a new book!" (other than..well you know...THE book) so off I got postin some pictures I had on my computer of some looks I had.

Boy, I couldn't be more wrong :| I feel like each time I get on it I get tangled up in more style -and I love style..but...this thing is cuuuuhhhrrzzy...so...I think imma go back to the old book and Tumblr..where I'm accepted, and loved :(

Happy Sabbath y'all..

Cause I can!

for the first time in months I had absolutely nothing to do this Saturday...I'm not gonna lie, it was glorious. No work, No party hunting, no extreme beautifying for something I'm gonna hate because, really some of the people I'm friends with other than the tribe, are idiots- Ready for college and new circle of friends. so you know what I did on this fateful day? I read like a BAMF. I read all of Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone and all of the Hunger Games. I managed to get in some cinnamon toast and milk, no worries and around midnight went out with the Tribe for Shmangie's birthday...do I feel cool?

If you jump, I jump...

Applicable to Lord Voldemort and Harry. Yes people, I went there, because I don't care who knows it! I am having a cow about this premier..a COW...we got capes, we got RIP Dobby shirts, we got chocolate frogs, sorting hats, wands, marathons and most importantly, tickets! ...the end of an era! the end of a childhood! why! why did I grow up!!! J.K. Rowling give me my childhood back!....sigh..I gotta finish sewing these capes..goodnight world wide web :)