I know it's long overdue...and that I've already talked way too much about Harry Potter...but seriously, it's the end of my childhood here :(  (this is where Tumblr understands me better) anywhooo...I found this on the beautiful tumblr and it just rung so true..future generations need to know and understand how epic this is :(

My Reactions To Deathly Hallows Part 2:

Heading to the Theater:

Waiting in line:

Opening Credits:

Death Eaters around Hogwarts:

Helena Bonham Carter's interpretation of Hermione:

Puttin' Cho and Dean next to each other:

McGonagall and Snape's showdown:

"Yeah?! You and who's army!?":

Ron and Harmione's kiss:

Harry and Ginny's kiss:

Fred, Lupin and Tonks:

"Not my daughter, you b***h!":

Snape and Lily as kids:

Snape holding Lily:


"I'll go with you!"

Voldemort's evil laugh:

Narcissa lying to Voldemort about Harry being dead:

Neville killing Nagini:

Voldemort's death:

19 Years later:

End Credits:

Leaving the theater:

Seeing it again online:

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