Since this is for my posterity. Hopefully someday, this will be of use to my daughters.

I have dates with both these fellas. The one on the right knows and helped me hook up with the one on the left. But I was friends with him since 8th grade, back in the day he liked me. We have now graduated and voila. He wants to go on a date. He's super funny and nice, so why not?

The one on the left is my soulmate. hahah no. but seriously, we have a ton in common. He's from venezuela, has the best sense of style, likes the same music as me and is all artistic. We talked once junior year but, I didn't know who he was till he MC'd the talent show and was so insanely hilarious I almost died. The fella to the right hooked us up. We'd been talking. We going to the movies tomorrow.

Neither knows I have a date with the other.

P.S. they're both studying culinary arts. At the same school. In the same class. And they're friends. 
P.S.S. Not the best picture, I know, but I find it adorable. And trust me, guy on left is SUPER adorable. and guy on the right is not that bad, he cute too. :|