This is..

Started out kinda shabby, but turned out quite fabulous :) first: the weather was amazing today, second: errybody was all "you look cute today!" ... :| so I guess I just gotta dress up like a flapper more often, third: we went to see Rocky Horror Picture show, ended up at the U's Institute Halloween party, them crazy mormons, gettin hot in there, soldier boy, dancin sick, eatin cookies, judgin costumes, shady people, nice people, lotso people, supah hot. Fourth: Went to Aubri's, ate cupcakes and cake, made a video blog, took pictures, told stories. Fifth: great talk with Jazzy, gettin ready to listem to some Christmas tunes tomorrow! Sixth: Talkin to Pepe about stupid movies. Seventh: the mister got out of school early (that's more like good for him, I didn't see him), Eighth, goin to bed satisfied, tired, and all washed up, blogged. Good night :) I had a great one. 

P.S. Sorry, I forget my grammar when I'm tired. 

The Tribe.


this. this is all I want. everything this picture makes me feel :) (sleepy, cozy, boat etc)

Not Now...

I have enough on my plate right now, please go away. I don't want to talk about "us" or any of that shiz. I don't want you to "make me feel better" ..In fact I'm not even sure how you found out I was single again, but I do not want you in my life again. We can be friends. And nothing more. I do want someone in my life, but not you. I'm sorry. Never again.

*Googly Eyes*

It's about to Rain

So it's been about to rain the last few days and this is my playlist for such has quite a few songs, but each has a personal story to why I love it. ooh my first musical post!

cute lil gif I've been wanting to use...kinda matches how the rain and this music makes me feel :) 

From the Vault: a continuation after 17 years...

So this is an old draft of a post I never posted from like 6 months ago...hmm..weird.

k so I know I haven't been around for WEEKS..and I apologize for that..honestly I don't know why (the lack of a laptop might have something to do with it) but I really haven't been that busy...let me try to round up everything that's gone on since I was last around this part of the web

  • aight honestly, don't remember...
  • I signed up for housing with the thats exciting, except that the U's process for picking your roomate feels waaaay too eHarmony 

  • I have had to drive to and fro like crazy from the U..takin scholarships and stuff...imma get so friggin lost at that school...
  • I got chosen as a semi-finalist for two scholarships...fingers crossed! 

    • I went with the Young Men and Women to the Huntsmen center (at the U...again) ...we were there for hours..I have not been that grumpy in the longest time..I swear, I was gonna kill a good Christian...Angie wasn't too happy either.. 

    • took my senior's a sneakaroo...

    Oh baby baby!

    Nothing gets me going better than Disney! "PRINCE ALI FABULOUS HE, ALI ABABUA!!!!"

    Wait, what?

    YOU wanted to be friends? And I think we'll be great friends but... what?

    I need to stop blogging.

    sigh. I miss New Yawk.
    and gems like this:

    and musicians on the subway:

    and gorgeous Central Park:

    Left Lady Liberty behind :(

    And boy! Did we love Coney Island a little too much for our own good!


    Me- Ya know who's havin kind of a crappy weekend?
    Pepe- Darfur?

    I'm not laughing at Darfur. Promise. Just Shmose...this kid! Always putting things in perspective ;)

    They Try to Make Me Go to Rehab

    not really. But fo' real though. The recuperatin' starts TODAY. I did some whining, some cryin', some partyin' to make it all better, more whining, some eating, more crying, last chunk of it all out of my system with that super long post yesterday (I apologize) and now...onward! 

    This lil' lady needs a bagel ;) 


    *Insert Ugly Crying Face*

    The mister and I are gonna hang out tomorrow morning (my fall break) because he gets in to school at 1. He will be here at 8. It is currently 3. Internet let me free!!! I need to sleep! 

    The Mister

    he drives me places. (he's real nice)

    He buys me food :). He's REAL nice. 

    He cooks for me. Dear Lawd, he's the nicest man alive. 

    and he took me to see the Lion King in 3D.

    Someone give this man an award!

    :| winter you ho.

    Out of the freakin nowhere winter came! screw fall.. which is really sad because I have a ton of fall clothes but's freakin freezing.


    • I have not been dropped like a potato (yet) and am happily dating a wonderful boy named Shmygor. :) He is all kinds of lovely and..well yeah :) 

    • I got in a car accident!
    • I'm fine.
    • I did go to the hospital. and the mister's car is wrecked..minor concussion..huge bruises..and lots of confused rambling on my part...quite funny. 
    • college is kicking my butt. 
    • that's...that's pretty much it...
    • enjoy this cheesecake I saw on someone's dashboard the other day:

    Chuzt a dai een da lyfe

    9:20 A.M.
    .sorry. about my ghetto title. I was bored.
    Today I woke up with one of those things where a part of your eye is super swollen and it really hurts? Like an eyelash attacked your eyelid? Anyways... it hurts.
    I also neglected to do any of the homework required for both my leap and my writing class (not to mention I didn't go to my ethnicities class) - College: you're doing it wrong. I need to get my life together.
    Today I work. Means I can't go to redfest and consequently the cobra starship concert :| I'll be posting my thoughts troughout the day. Over and out.
    10:30 A.M.
    Just got out of LEAP. We talked aout race and what it really meant. Turns out - nobody knew. We went back and forth discussing if it was solely a physical attribute or a cultural one. If it was imposed on you or if it was how you identified yourself. I think I'm more confused now than when the class started.
    I failed to mention earlier (or at all on here to be honest) that I'm officially boy two's girlfriend. He's name is Shmygor and we have a lot in common and I think he's super cute. If it goes well (if I don't get dropped like a hot potato in the next week or so) I'll post more details about how all this came to be.
    My stomach really hurts. My stomach aways hurts. I should get this checked out.