This is..

Started out kinda shabby, but turned out quite fabulous :) first: the weather was amazing today, second: errybody was all "you look cute today!" ... :| so I guess I just gotta dress up like a flapper more often, third: we went to see Rocky Horror Picture show, ended up at the U's Institute Halloween party, them crazy mormons, gettin hot in there, soldier boy, dancin sick, eatin cookies, judgin costumes, shady people, nice people, lotso people, supah hot. Fourth: Went to Aubri's, ate cupcakes and cake, made a video blog, took pictures, told stories. Fifth: great talk with Jazzy, gettin ready to listem to some Christmas tunes tomorrow! Sixth: Talkin to Pepe about stupid movies. Seventh: the mister got out of school early (that's more like good for him, I didn't see him), Eighth, goin to bed satisfied, tired, and all washed up, blogged. Good night :) I had a great one. 

P.S. Sorry, I forget my grammar when I'm tired. 

The Tribe.

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