Chuzt a dai een da lyfe

9:20 A.M.
.sorry. about my ghetto title. I was bored.
Today I woke up with one of those things where a part of your eye is super swollen and it really hurts? Like an eyelash attacked your eyelid? Anyways... it hurts.
I also neglected to do any of the homework required for both my leap and my writing class (not to mention I didn't go to my ethnicities class) - College: you're doing it wrong. I need to get my life together.
Today I work. Means I can't go to redfest and consequently the cobra starship concert :| I'll be posting my thoughts troughout the day. Over and out.
10:30 A.M.
Just got out of LEAP. We talked aout race and what it really meant. Turns out - nobody knew. We went back and forth discussing if it was solely a physical attribute or a cultural one. If it was imposed on you or if it was how you identified yourself. I think I'm more confused now than when the class started.
I failed to mention earlier (or at all on here to be honest) that I'm officially boy two's girlfriend. He's name is Shmygor and we have a lot in common and I think he's super cute. If it goes well (if I don't get dropped like a hot potato in the next week or so) I'll post more details about how all this came to be.
My stomach really hurts. My stomach aways hurts. I should get this checked out.

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