Snappity Snap

and the boredness ate us alive
here's a much prettier picture:

When the Turkey's come home

I've...been feeling extremely insecure and needy lately. Which is the worse! For two reasons: Nobody likes a whiny needy gal (although how unfair that society just TELLS you how to feel!...calm) and two, it feels horrible constantly having to "shake something off."

A friend of mine posted some advice on tumblr. Someone had asked her why his girlfriend asked for so much attention. She explained that usually girls with daddy issues have that problem (duhhhr) but when she elaborated that it's because they haven't gotten that protective, constant and unconditional affection from a father (where it's suppose to come from) they seek it elsewhere (in their poor boyfriends) it made sense. I mean I know that's why, but when I really thought about what I look for in a man, it always comes down to those words: Safety, protection, trust. Anywhoo...kinda hopin' this feeling goes away after thanksgiving, I think I might just be real hungry. 

Holy Heavens!

blogging, listening to music, tumblr, tumblr, tumblr....

"hey what time is it?"

1:29 AM. I have school! Goodnight 

Good Morning!