"Take Care of Him"

Trust me. I'm trying my very hardest. He's wonderful.
Ugh, with how things have been going around here, I think I'm gonna need a personal assistant. :|

Mi Casa


Philosophy of Tonight

Who Says by johnmayer

Here's Lookin' at You Kid..

I'm gonna rant here. So please, just skip over this.

Silly Question

My Bf asked me the other day why I liked James Franco so much..... look at him!

'Cept for the next two years!

#we know YOU won't!

hahaha..Titanic quotes! the best :p

...Loss of words.

I know you're Joey.

Ok, Ok, I'm back.

Whoa! Where did 2011 go?! ..anyways I haven't been around these parts in a decent amount of time..the holidays consist of LOTS of eating and decorating and shopping and wrapping...I'm a little bit of a Santa. NO SERIOUSLY. I get cuuuhrazy about giving everyone presents and they have to be wrapped in paper so they can rip the paper or it doesn't count. Ok so..yeah. I have fifty two thousand pictures to post, which I doubt I'll ever get around to posting.

But I promise to try.
Some things around these parts:

Angie is living with us
I look nuts. 
Shmose is leaving on a mission on the 25th of January. I miss that weenie. 

The Mister is getting baptized!!! ... I'm still having a hard time coping with the "he's doing it cause of his own testimony. Not for me thing." I really hope he's doing it for him and..not for me. 

Anyways, the semester starts next Monday...smh..here we go again! :)