Guess Who's Addicted to Instagram...

The last couple of weeks:

Temple square

Institute and lunch with the Mister

Shenanigans at home

Fast Sunday (Shmygor's anniversary gift)

Family Home Evening- lesson: Reverence

"Heart Attacking" (sneakily tape hearts) my friend Shmalba's door with/for my brother Shmavid. All the way in Provo. In rain. At night.

Valentine's day with the Mister at the Beehive House (Brigham Young's house). I love historical tours. 
ALL of our plans for yesterday fell through, but it's ok cause we actually ended up having a great time. And I think we both finally realize and fully understand that we just love each other's company, cause seriously, everything went wrong yesterday - yet it was the best Valentine's day I've ever had, adventurin' around downtown SLC with ma bubby.