Mister Part Deux

The first post about this wonderful gentleman (not Charlie Chaplin- Shmygor) was introducing all his glorious wonderfulness, this one will be in detail outlining it, so please, if you would rather not get diabetes (sorry if you already do, wow, I'm being incredibly insensitive) ...um...anyways, it's gonna get corny and incredibly cheesy so for your sake, I've inserted a "jump break" here --->
50 Reasons why I capitalize the "M" in Mister. 
(in no particular order)

  1. It's proper grammar most of the time.
  2. He smells really good. 
  3. I like when he holds my face and I hear his classy watch ticking by my ear.
  4. ...Boy'z got a torso Billy Blanks would envy! (Scandalous of me to point out, I know)
    1. Billy Blanks (just in case your daycare never made you do Tae Bo on your "free time")
  5. He cooks for me. (without veggies, might I add)
  6. He laughs at my silly faces - even when they suck.
  7. He breaks the "fourth wall" of relationships all the time. (just like me!)
    1. "what are you doing? you're doing that 'woman' thing. Stop. Lets start over."
  8. He drives whenever we're together, even if it's my car.
  9. He's super gentle when waking me from my naps.
  10. He likes all the same music I do.
  11. He aspires to be Bob Dylan.
  12. He has the best "sad eyes".
  13. He always flexes his muscles when I hug him, even if we're just watching a movie.
  14. Every single gift he's given me has been amazing. -This deserves it's own post. seriously. pillow pets, handmade Beatles art, mustache mugs, Bill Cosby book. aMAHzing.
  15. We have matching Baseball jackets.
  16. He lets me hold the remote control.
  17. He always gives me his chair.
  18. He agrees it's silly to hold hands the "wrong way".
  19. He goes to the U with me when I'm lonely/having a bad day.
    1. He carries my backpack for me.
  20. He keeps his cool when I'm flustered.
  21. He likes to surprise me. (even though, unfortunately for him, I love figuring it out what it is before hand)
  22. He find trashy things repulsive.
  23. He opens his eyes realllll wide and pushes his arms out when he's excited about something.
  24. He talks with his hands.
  25. He has a library card. (invaluable in a man)
  26. Even though he doesn't agree, he has ambitions.
  27. He kisses my hand.
  28. When he introduces himself he says "yes, like the monster".
  29. He gives me medicine.
  30. He loves the gospel.
  31. He is an amazing older brother, and support for his mom.
  32. He's OCD about his sheets.
  33. He's a little old man when it comes to technology.
  34. He thinks I'm super delicate.
  35. He offers to carry me when I'm tired. (don't worry I never accept!)
  36. He loves art. And is quite good at it himself.
  37. He looooves vintage things just as much as I do.
  38. He laughs really cute.
  39. He lets me borrow his socks.
  40. His Jeter jersey.
  41. I had the biggest crush on him in High School.
  42. He knows style.
  43. He thinks I look super hot in sweats.
  44. He didn't point out how weird it was that I have onesie PJ's.
  45. He always offers me his coat.
  46. He makes me pancakes.
  47. He knows when to tell me "no".
  48. He loves to tell me "yes".
  49. He asks about my opinion. 
  50. He loves me more than I deserve to be loved.
  51. He refuses to give up on us, even when things are tough. (aka- I get crazy.)

Ok, I know that's 51. But I mean, I'm pretty sure I lost you at 12 so, it's cool.
hahaha anywhoooo. A little extra valentine's day gift for him. :)