This is Shmaxi! She's German. She was a foreign exchange student my Jr. year of High School. I saw her in the room and I just thought "that girl with the glasses seems a little lost", so I went up to talk to her and BAM! soulmates. soulmates. It's kinda difficult on our love that she's a bayillion (I don't know the actual number) miles away, but we make it work. It's been two years since my little Nazi left and I miss her terribly, she was always down to hang out, loved movies and pop culture and is a little old lady on the inside just like me! We skype once a week (this is a new thing so that's why you haven't heard of her) and there will probably be weekly postings on the wonderfulness that is Shmaxi: like the following-

  • She's always sick (or at least she's been sick the last few times I've seen her so, I generalize).
  • Her boyfriend's a cutie patootie that maker her tea.
  • Her parents are in Italy for winter break.
  • She's at home doing homework.
  • We're trying to convince her friend to take me with him when he goes to visit her.
  • She's sick and her mom took all the medicine! How do you say "9-1-1" in German!?!?!!?
  • She's paper white. Here is our experiment
  • Her German friends are meanies that clearly are blind to how wonderful she is.
  • I presented my amazing plan to make her a US citizen. Might take some convincing but we'll get there. 
  • I love Shmaxi!

She's so pretty, she almost seems like a "mean girl" but she's actually the sweetest little strudel. 
Here's a clear picture of her golgeous face:

and her and I many, many (2) years ago: