The King's Speech

  • is it just me, or do they use this angle in EVERY. SINGLE. British movie? 

Maybe becuase it's Monday

I know I should not be condoning this behavior at all, but honestly I freakin' hate school. "oh a college kid that dislikes school, no duh." But seriously, I've considered some drastic things today. It's just felt like particularly heavy today. Haven't done my reading, studying for a test or rough draft of my research paper... so that may be why. The worst part however is that I don't care. I was such an over achiever in high school, in college I really don't know what to do with myself.
I really know I should get to carin' though, and soon. So here I am, at The University of Utah, waiting, for my professor to come in and say we can't turn anything in late, so then I can get on the train and go home, and study. Oddly enough, just yesterday I was saying how beautiful life is and nostalgia and blah blah blah. Today I just want to eat and watch movies.

 And possibly post the pictures from this crazy weekend. 
Over and out. 

P.s. Exactly how horrible is it that I wish my favorite professor were still in the hospital so class could be cancelled this week too? 

Hitting Base for a Sec

Whoo! this weekend has seriously been a roller coaster..super exciting thus far! :) Just checkin in real quick while I wait for the mister to pick me up for the Holi fest. Shabby Apple Interview? Went MARVELOUS...Anywho this is what I wore to the Hunger Games premier

Get Ready, Get Set...

Here we go Ladies and Gents, the crazy weekend has begun...kinda did last night with Pulp Fiction at the U with Shmaubri and Shmygor but..I'm counting it here..My weekly conversation with my little strudel (who I convinced to get a blog to document her amazing German life!) and now I'm off to work, here we go!

Scuse me chiiild.

So the Mister got a blog.

I'm not a fan of airing dirty laundry, at all. Actually for having a blog, I'm pretty good at keeping the "bad things" on a minimum and even coyly change the names of the people in my life (really badly) in attempts to keep some anonymity, but this chiiild is telling it loud and proud.

So in the most scandalous post on my blog (hopefully ever) I would like to personally make all of you uncomfortable while I kindly ask my darling boyfriend to stop being so in-depth with our personal lives on the big world wide web. Yes?

Please and thank you dawling ;)

*and since we're talkin' real talk: I prefer "the Lady" to "the Misses". See you later Mister. 

And that's a Monday

I haven't blogged in forever, unfortunately my life is a bore, but I like keeping things fresh (ugh. note to self: stop saying "fresh" it's sooo 2001)..anyways, spring break just ended for me, I did a lot of age appropriate things. A friend got married, went dancing with Shmazmeen and the Mister (and Shmeryl and lotso people), hung out with the fattie, went to the mall etc etc.. it was lovely. And this new week in school a breeze so far, but this week has promise of chaos:
interview for a wonderful internship at Shabby Apple! :)
The Mister's Grand Buffet (his final, he's a chef)
The Holi fest.
I might still go to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's (if I find some money)
and the Mister is getting the priesthood on Sunday.

Gonna be a busy week, but I'm ready!


this ma gurl Shmelby. We met through college, our LEAP class (service) and ironically she was one of the few people in the class I hadn't talked to. Today we got together and I helped her give her lovely blog a much wanted (by Shmelby) makeover. It was a pleasure getting to know her and we've got so much in common, twas fabulous. Checkitout checkitout checkitout!

also, I think I finally got my look just like I wanted it.

Pepe Lefoy

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what the Lord's army must do sometimes.
Preachin' to some farmers. 

If I only...

could download food. 

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston on Grooveshark

And if we're keeping the cheese theme:

Also I freakin' love Sloppy Joes:

Anybody got a map?

GPS will not work for this. I'm lost. Not in the depressing way either. I want to open a shop. I always have. That's actually how I came up with the name of my blog, I figured a quirky boutique that had a little flavor of something I like...facial hair.

(in retrospect:

I mean, I still like the name but it...ok getting side-tracked. I love the blog name. I don't think I'd like the "taste" of facial hair. 

anywaaaays. I've been on blogger for two years-ish? and just barely now am I starting to understand the possibilities on this wonderful community. I don't have a button or a banner! or a decent background...I really want to see where this can take me. I want to open a shop pretty badly, not even to have "financial independence" but just because I like organizing things, and it would be fun to have a project that I really loved. I would love to have giveaways and sponsors, I know it's quite a ways away...but I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna network and meet some wonderful people and invest some money in this thing that I in...and hope for the best!

See ya later alligators!

really blurry picture the fattie took of me last week.

If I could just ___, I would.

I feel very 

about a lot of things in life right now. Most days, if I could just stay home, I would. 


Most days, if I could just stay skip school and freely fail college, I would.

Most days, if I could openly miss my best friend (pepe), I would. 


Most days, I don't put up with certain people, but on the days I do, if I could just punch them, I would. 


If I could just get my mom to stop making this face at me, I would. 


If I could just go one day without feeling the need to make this face at my boyfriend, I would. 


Most days, if I could just stop thinking the best of people, I soooo would. 
(I'm Patrick)


Most days, if I could just go to bed on time 

hahaha nope! watchin' movies all night suckaaaaaaas!


The flailing that goes on every morning when I realize I've been on the computer a little too long and it seriously is time to get up and get ready for school -


P.S. I also just uttered the words: "Oh my gosh woman, understand words!" to my mother. Morning in the Quiroz household :) 

The Beginning of Shmygor

The mister and I started dating in September, and this was Novemberish. This is where it all started.

There was a lot of DI runs with his little sister, chillin' at my house, in his car driving places, and his first gift:
A Wonderful Mustache Mug!!!