We got ourselves a quirky little makeover in this little corner of the internet! I've been working on it for a while, trying to find something that I liked, and although it's not exactly what I was looking for, it is a refreshing change, and one I can tolerate :)

Also, I got my temple recommend renewed today and I feel an eency bit like a BAMF. But you know, of the holy variety. 

And lastly, I have about three bayillion* pictures to post. From photo shoots with Shmordo, to road trips to baptisms to a rough first attempt at couples pictures with the mister...just pictures piling up endlessly.

Anyways, I also applied for a job that I'm really hoping I get so I'm not gonna jinx it by talking any more about it at all. 

Also, Shmygor and I have been a little on the rocks lately and it's been...rough. But thankfully we seem to be past it. (I'm glad I never blog while I'm super sad) 

Everything is also good with Shmazeen, my little buttercup soulmate lover, we really had our rough patch but we're actively working at making it better, which is the best we can do :)

*I should start keeping track of how many times I say "bayillion". Honestly, do I even know how to count? #3000dollarsemesters

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