Maybe becuase it's Monday

I know I should not be condoning this behavior at all, but honestly I freakin' hate school. "oh a college kid that dislikes school, no duh." But seriously, I've considered some drastic things today. It's just felt like particularly heavy today. Haven't done my reading, studying for a test or rough draft of my research paper... so that may be why. The worst part however is that I don't care. I was such an over achiever in high school, in college I really don't know what to do with myself.
I really know I should get to carin' though, and soon. So here I am, at The University of Utah, waiting, for my professor to come in and say we can't turn anything in late, so then I can get on the train and go home, and study. Oddly enough, just yesterday I was saying how beautiful life is and nostalgia and blah blah blah. Today I just want to eat and watch movies.

 And possibly post the pictures from this crazy weekend. 
Over and out. 

P.s. Exactly how horrible is it that I wish my favorite professor were still in the hospital so class could be cancelled this week too? 

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