One Direction- With menstrual cycles.*

I have a ton of pictures that I have never gotten around to posting just hoarding on my hard drive, so I'm gonna be writing a few posts to categorize them all, feel free to skim through it all hahaha

Fall. After graduation what were we to do?! Well, lots of premiers (jk, just Harry Potter) and lots of wasted time at the mall, Barnes and Noble, and our homeland: Chili's. 
(P.S. Yes, it was that sunny and warm mid November. Yesterday (March) it was 70 degrees, tonight there's a blizzard. - Utah)

 Shmauren's birthday. Shmaubri gave her a huge penguin. His name is Mordecai. I threw the party, in my room. It was a smash. The hats, the Piñata, party planning prodigy.

We also spent a lot of time on skype :D

*The reference: One Direction.

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