I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

I think I'm gonna host a giveaway. I'm scuurred since it will be my first - vblog (virgin blog) but I'm kinda pumped.. 'specially since I have a total of six followers so generating a winner should be a breeeeze ;) whoo! Whoo!

•also. Check this puppy out:
Friend shared this with me on the old' Facebook :)

Holy Cheeseballs

Ok so, just to let you know, it's been one heck of a long day and honestly, just because I love this here ol' blog so much, I am taking time (and valuable brain juice) and wasting my typing and writing abilities on something that won't be graded (other than by my own hard judgement on myself). I've been running errands since this morning (P.S. When I say "running" I mean sitting on my laptop doing it online. YAY FUTURE!) went to work with the IRC, went to the library and by the grace of heavens finally got my own library card (*cue "Survivor" by Destiny's Child*). Then raced home and changed to then run to the Lord's house (or summer vacation home, as I like to think of it) and yoga my pants off! but no seriously, I'm teaching the old older ladies some yoga at my home ward cause my mom asked so nicely (or told me to do it, whatevs)...then I coyly stalled coming home to write my paper by reconnecting with my little buttercup :) fo' real college is trying to break us up. that bitxh. (college). When Shmazeen told me it was time I came home and wrote my TEN PAGE RESEARCH PAPER so that I could have time to write my  FOUR PAGE REFLECTION ESSAY for tomorrow morning, I knew it was really time to hit the road. So then I had ramen. Not that you asked but I mean, it's in the collage. I talked to the Mister, and now I'm here...stalling like a boss (of the homeless shelter. Boss of the cardboard box on state street). thanks for letting me rant and waste more time, you're a gem :) 

also. Cheeseballs sound so dang yummy right now. had two bowls of ramen. #fattie4lyfe. 

Ramen, Lover.

  1. Listen to this song:  Les Champs-Élysée by Joe Dassin on Grooveshark
  2. Someone had a little too much fun with the photo editor
  3. Also...I didn't even center the mustache right, I'm a disgrace. 
  4. What I was actually doing:
  5. Happy Easter!
Now I'm gonna go make myself some ramen, it's the only thing that gets that "sick" taste out of my mouth.

Drama Queen

I feel the silent, gangly fingers of disease probe my sides.. 

Honestly, I've blogged way too much today (you could've probably told me that - sorry) but, it was really just catchin' up some stuff I had said I would do...Note to self: I have to dedicate a post to all the wonderful people in my life, but specifically I want to brag about Shmeryl and My little buttercup!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

P.S. On a side note: I finally have another post to add to the "cancer" tag. 

Home Sick.

Side note: Honestly I thought this was gonna be a quick post and I've been at it for over an hour :|

This the jam right here, been stuck in my head all week.
Let me love you by Mario on Grooveshark

Also this.
What Doesn't Kill You by Kelly Clarkson on Grooveshark

This I understand might come off as some subliminal, indirect message, trust me - it's not. I'm just stuck at home sick as about a dying dog, and pandora has played these songs as I moan in pain.
The times I've let out vaguely sexual sounds as I finally reach my bed after "doing things" (feeding Lily, getting tissues, changing my socks) must seem really dubious to the people living downstairs. Oh well, I don't judge them for their horrible 80's latin pop.
Also, the amount of times I scared people off on the trax due to my vicious, aggressive sneezes.
I want someone to hug me.
But only if you're wearing scrubs and a medical mask 'cause I am CONTAGIOUS (that's possibly the worst word to make huge).
I would post a picture but, I like you so I'll post a gif instead:

Somebody Call 9-1-1! -names that don't match post.

I wrote this the first day I was sick but was just able to post it now. 

My computer has a virus. So I haven't been able to get anything done on this here blog. However most of my pics are also on my iPod. Which means I will now make a sloppy attempt at placing a bunch of pictures together in one massive post. Most without captions. It's a free-for-all of pictures today. Enjoy :) 

In the last ehhhh three weeks??: 

7 8 9 10
The fattie and I got camera savvy. 


11 12 13 14

Took a road trip with some friends to cedar city for a friends baptism. 



Hung out with Shmeryl a lot :) 



Shmygor made me a little elephant out of a turnip. 

18 19 20 21
Spent the whole day with Lily and Shmordo. 

My darling friend got married :)

Went to the temple (I took another picture with me in it but I looked horrible) 

24 25
Hung out with the Mister at the U. 

Went to the Hunger Games. 

27 28 29 30 31 32
At the Holi Fest (Hindu festival of colors) with the tribe, Shmeryl, the Mister and the fattie - I was one happy little lady :)

34 35 37
(mama Mister)

The Mister's grand buffet. 

38 39 55 5654
Wonderful Sunday walks.

A wonderful YW meeting. Yumm. 

50 51 52
My Emma Smith costume for a church activity. 

Conference with the Mister, mamas and the fattie. 

That's it! At least until I get my computer fixed and can edit and post all our Easter pics :p ....I'm sick and stuck in bed today, that's why I had an hour and a half to spare on this FYI.