Holy Cheeseballs

Ok so, just to let you know, it's been one heck of a long day and honestly, just because I love this here ol' blog so much, I am taking time (and valuable brain juice) and wasting my typing and writing abilities on something that won't be graded (other than by my own hard judgement on myself). I've been running errands since this morning (P.S. When I say "running" I mean sitting on my laptop doing it online. YAY FUTURE!) went to work with the IRC, went to the library and by the grace of heavens finally got my own library card (*cue "Survivor" by Destiny's Child*). Then raced home and changed to then run to the Lord's house (or summer vacation home, as I like to think of it) and yoga my pants off! but no seriously, I'm teaching the old older ladies some yoga at my home ward cause my mom asked so nicely (or told me to do it, whatevs)...then I coyly stalled coming home to write my paper by reconnecting with my little buttercup :) fo' real college is trying to break us up. that bitxh. (college). When Shmazeen told me it was time I came home and wrote my TEN PAGE RESEARCH PAPER so that I could have time to write my  FOUR PAGE REFLECTION ESSAY for tomorrow morning, I knew it was really time to hit the road. So then I had ramen. Not that you asked but I mean, it's in the collage. I talked to the Mister, and now I'm here...stalling like a boss (of the homeless shelter. Boss of the cardboard box on state street). thanks for letting me rant and waste more time, you're a gem :) 

also. Cheeseballs sound so dang yummy right now. had two bowls of ramen. #fattie4lyfe. 

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