Home Sick.

Side note: Honestly I thought this was gonna be a quick post and I've been at it for over an hour :|

This the jam right here, been stuck in my head all week.
Let me love you by Mario on Grooveshark

Also this.
What Doesn't Kill You by Kelly Clarkson on Grooveshark

This I understand might come off as some subliminal, indirect message, trust me - it's not. I'm just stuck at home sick as about a dying dog, and pandora has played these songs as I moan in pain.
The times I've let out vaguely sexual sounds as I finally reach my bed after "doing things" (feeding Lily, getting tissues, changing my socks) must seem really dubious to the people living downstairs. Oh well, I don't judge them for their horrible 80's latin pop.
Also, the amount of times I scared people off on the trax due to my vicious, aggressive sneezes.
I want someone to hug me.
But only if you're wearing scrubs and a medical mask 'cause I am CONTAGIOUS (that's possibly the worst word to make huge).
I would post a picture but, I like you so I'll post a gif instead:

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