Somebody Call 9-1-1! -names that don't match post.

I wrote this the first day I was sick but was just able to post it now. 

My computer has a virus. So I haven't been able to get anything done on this here blog. However most of my pics are also on my iPod. Which means I will now make a sloppy attempt at placing a bunch of pictures together in one massive post. Most without captions. It's a free-for-all of pictures today. Enjoy :) 

In the last ehhhh three weeks??: 

7 8 9 10
The fattie and I got camera savvy. 


11 12 13 14

Took a road trip with some friends to cedar city for a friends baptism. 



Hung out with Shmeryl a lot :) 



Shmygor made me a little elephant out of a turnip. 

18 19 20 21
Spent the whole day with Lily and Shmordo. 

My darling friend got married :)

Went to the temple (I took another picture with me in it but I looked horrible) 

24 25
Hung out with the Mister at the U. 

Went to the Hunger Games. 

27 28 29 30 31 32
At the Holi Fest (Hindu festival of colors) with the tribe, Shmeryl, the Mister and the fattie - I was one happy little lady :)

34 35 37
(mama Mister)

The Mister's grand buffet. 

38 39 55 5654
Wonderful Sunday walks.

A wonderful YW meeting. Yumm. 

50 51 52
My Emma Smith costume for a church activity. 

Conference with the Mister, mamas and the fattie. 

That's it! At least until I get my computer fixed and can edit and post all our Easter pics :p ....I'm sick and stuck in bed today, that's why I had an hour and a half to spare on this FYI. 

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