Special Gifts

Did you know it has rained every single May third since 1993 (except for 1998)? I get awfully sentimental about this because as silly as it sounds, it makes me feel like God is remembering it's my birthday and sending me a little gift and it means the world to me. Today was no different, keep in mind it only rained for ten minutes and it was more of a sprinkle than anything else, but it rained :). It rained today guys.

It's been a great day ( I took my last final...finally and am done with school) and was super busy all day, talked to a lot of family members and got a ton of lovely messages on facebook...not to mention my darlin Shmaubri threw me a little kick-back bonfire (smores and all) yesterday and invited the people most near and dear to me, seriously she hit it on the nail, she's wonderful..wonderful human beings in my life, fo real.

ANNND my mom surprised me with a trip to the salon to get my hair did! Just, the best :)

However, somebody has been missing, and as much as I tried not to think about it all day, events towards the end of the night made me break down a little and just let it happen.  My best friend Pepe. He's serving a mission in St. George! and... I'm super proud of him. But I really miss him :(  ...we used to stay up super late texting and talking about whatever was on TV...he's a good friend...doesn't make fun of my ugly crying face, and understands that sometimes I'm a brat and makes me laugh till I snap out of my funk, he tells me when I'm being negative and he's super funny (hahahaha just thinking about him makes me laugh) if Shmazeen were a man, she would be named Pepe. I miss my best friend :(

Also, sorry this was so long and so pictureless, tomorrow's post will have so many pictures, just.. I mean, prepare. PREPARE for the picture overload.

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