It's What I Do.

Oldie but Goodie, right here:
Build Me Up Buttercup by Build Me Up Buttercup on Grooveshark

Sidenote: guys, this song and "Do You Believe in Magic" have been playing on loop for the last ten years of my life. Seriously, I sing each one at least twice a week to myself, never get sick of them. Love it.

I won't give you the gory* details of why I've been confined to these four walls, but lets just say I'm makin the best of it, yeah? I just woke up like three or four days ago and who knows what in heavens name bit me but, by golly I started organizing. Everything. Everything. 

Welcome to my room :) ...Yesterday I changed my bed, to all white sheets. crisper. 

I'm not quite sure why everything came out so "noisy" and blurry. I believe it's because I blasted my ISO 'cause sunlight was running away. Anyways, I'm a little obsessed with sunglasses, dresses, and of course, mustaches. My mother says shoes are also an obsession of mine, I believe differently. My bookshelf and 
three drawer...(cupboard..thingamabob..gosh I've been sitting here for three minutes trying to remember what it's called) ...anyways yeah, my one of those (not pictured, cause it's in my mama's room) filled to the brim with shoes, begs to differ. 

Ok, JK, I love a lot of things. Like theater, cameras, elephants, hats of myself and family. 
If I took a pen and marked all the things in these pictures that were gifts from the Mister, this thing would look like a football game plan..thing. Gosh I'VE FORGOTTEN WORDS IN THE ENGLISH VOCABULARY OK!?

I also love lighthouses, and my baby - My closet. I also have a bunch of jewelry I never wear, so if you want any of that, hit me up. was fun to hang and organize though :) 

Lulz. Just totally realized the picture with the necklaces is upside down. It's a lot of work to fix it and the Mister is gonna come get me soon.. so you'll just have to flip your head around or somethin. 

A note to remind myself, even on my worst days somebody thinks I'm pretty :p 

So that's the end of our tour. However, don't be fooled. Not pictured - The bathroom, My computer (which is so, so neatly organized), my filing cabinet, my laundry room, I did laundry, my doggy's room. And my life. 
Yoga every mornin, shower, planned outfit, scripture study (morning and evening), breakfast, read the news, two or three chores, jobs (I'll discuss later), craft, go out with the Mister, lunch, spend time with the fam bam, watch a little tv, more organizing, movie, bed. Who knows how long it will last, but hopefully it's here to stay, 'cause it feels good. 

I realized why I'm such a mess. Believe it or not, there is a MANIAC OCD Monica Gellar in me. And you know what? I don't blame crazy, procrastinatin', lazy Rob from holdin her down. All this stuff is a lot of work. But.. due to the gory* details I withheld from you, I've kind of been pushed to show that indeed I do know how to be an adult, I've just chosen against it all this time. 

Hope I inspired you to go make something a little neater! Really it's nice. 

*There was no actual gore in the making of this post. 

Man or Muppet.

Thoughts while I watched this movie:

  • UK may have Kate and William but we have Jason and Michelle.
  • Michelle and Jason
  • Wow. I really am I'm love with Jason Segel.
  • How about I just marry Jason Segel.
  • Robmary Segel.
  • Ok movie is starting.
  • So cute!
  • Shmordo and I should be Walter and Gary for Halloween.
  • Yay Kermit
  • Jason Segel give me my heart back!
  • Love Amy Adams wardrobe.
  • Kermit Love
  • Yeah. Jason Segel.
  • At this point really, am I a women or a muppet?

If you're not entirely convinced you need to watch this movie for your soul to continue on the proper course for eternal life and salvation, let me help ya out:


One more time? From the top!


I apologize for
  1. The interruption from movie scenes in the first video.
  2. The incompleteness of the second video.
  3. The Portuguese. the video, not the group of people.

P.S. I disappear for two weeks - I get the most traffic this site has ever seen.
I post two long posts - crickets for three days.
I'm happy to know you enjoy my silence Internet, because I'm really quite terrible at keepin' up with this thing.


While writing a post:
Ohmagaws. Update. I really shouldn't tell you this. I'm writing this at my mother's friends house (we had a barbecue with their families) I stepped into the ladies room (I promise it doesn't get disgusting). I do number 1 and flush (everything up till now is aces) as I'm washing my hands I realize the...lou..still isn't done..ya know...flushing...It's almost done but to make sure I pull again...AND THE WATER STARTS SPILLING OUTSIDE OF THE FREAKIN TOILET!!!! I stare in stupid stupid amazement (have I mentioned how stupid I am?!?!!?) in complete shock not knowing what the heck to do.  
 So I take all their cute candles off the top and take that lid off like if it was on freakin fire (you don't know how much I'm constraining myself from swearing) the water is starting to puddle on the floor, I just don't want it to get to the door because then it will seep through the crack onto their hallway! I start pulling and pushing things until it finally, by the sweet graces of God, stops. But now I'm stuck there pulling this lever or the flippiting flappy sinking of the titanic continues. I pray so much to heavenly father to enlighten me with sweet intervention so that I know what to do. Do I call my brother? My mom? AHHHHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAA!!!! DHASDKLPFJSDAKLFJSDAL;KF!!! finally I get it to stay with some toilet paper holding it up. then I manage to use up two whole toilet rolls in trying to absorb all this water on the floor while I'm doing this half crying half laughing thing. whhhhhyyyyyy??!?!?! then I hear the lou filling up again, I keep checking how far the water has gone. IT'S LIKE A TICKING TIME BOMB! I scramble on the floor begging that there will be enough toilet paper. Finally the water stops. I've managed to create a bay of toilet paper surrounding the water puddle (ocean).. I gather the courage and scoop it up into the trash can. (that now weighs as much as a dead cat). I try to dry what's left and wash the first two layers of skin off my hands. finally I come out of the bathroom and their little girl and her friend look over at me like "should we call 'I Didn't Know I was Pregnant?'" I smile and walk back to my laptop. then her little friend went in there! everything seems fine. she came out fairly quickly. but seriously. how am I gonna tell my mom I ruined her friends bathroom... maybe they'll figure it out. Ya know, when they find a wad of toilet paper in their toilet tank, or when they take out the bathroom trash and wonder if there's a baby in there. 

Well, This is Awkward.

I suppose I gots some 'xplainin to do.

How about we just pretend I never promised y'all I was gonna write not once, but twice a day (jeez, tryina bite more than ya can chew there?!).

So anywhoo...  this is where I have to inform you, plead with you to only read this post if, and only if, it is

  1. raining.
  2. night time/sunset.
  3. you're very peacefully happy. 
  4. you're ubber classy on your own. 
  5. this one is optional: you are drinking Sparkling Cider, and since I'm not discriminating on un-utahn/un-mormons, a glass of champagne is interchangeable here depending on your circumstance. 
A sailboat in the moonlight by Billie Holiday on Grooveshark
aren't you glad you listened to me now? and if you didn't.. well good luck living with yourself now. You can't undo what you did. just live with it. try listening to this and really appreciating it without the above circumstances.

Next disclosure: this will be long since I kinda had a poppin' week and I wrote zilch of it down, but ey, you got that nice music right? now take a sip of your champagne/cider and lets begin.

(this was last week, mind you) 

My dear friend Shmalba had her birthday dinner (it feels so nice being old enough to have birthday dinners...but the piƱata is greatly missed, yes). So the mister and I went and had dinner at a fancy nancy new place here in Utah called Blue Lemon.
Now, I love my girl and I hadn't seen her in soooo long, her "and I are so alike, we're both so similar, we're both so stubborn" ($2 goes to who can guess where that line is from) anyways, she was great and I know she loves that place and we could've very well gotten the "wrong" thing. but... I think not. The food there... sigh. I have a whole post prepared for how much I did not like that food. 

oh gosh. what the heck did I do Tuesday....
This will also be going in that next post about what a fatso I am now. 
The Mister is a chef. Had I told ya? I don't know. 
He is obsessed with Yelp!. He's gotten me into it as well at this point. So in all my chipmunk glory (I had just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out) I begged him to take me out to a new Yelp! discovery. We had Thai food. This isn't funny at all so I'll just tell you how my brother keeps accidentally putting his shirt on backwards so we've been calling him Celine Dion. 

Oh! Almost forgot! Tuesday night I went to see Magic Mike with The Tribe. Don't judge me. Just.. LAWL. The whole movie. LAWL. Channing Tatum? LAWL. Joe Manganiello? LAWL. Mattew McConaughey?

This is right when this happened.
whoo! God Bless! (it was the Fourth of July)
"Yay for independence from British Rule!" - My facebook status that morning.

I woke up and was mad dashed to the pool by the Mister.
Then mad dashed to Cafe Rio with my Momma.

Then mad dashed to The Park with The Tribe.
 (Shmaubri's still has our great fourth of July family/Tribe pic)

Then the real mad dash to the fireworks. 

I believe I celebrated with class!

We saw Spiderman... I know some people be complainin' but I, honestly, in an unbiased (because Spiderman is not my favorite superhero- Sorry Shmarah) loved it. The only thing I would say, maybe the special effects, but really, they were not G.I Joe bad so.. that's pretty much the lowest standard possible, I know, but I feel it's a good judging point. 

Decided to go on a lovely hike to Ensign Peak with cute lil' Shmelby.. we talked a lot, about how life at this age seems kinda stuck but that we're both really excited for what's to come... we discussed sororities, studying abroad, the whole shebang... sorry it's gettin' dull..I've been at this post for three hours! had to withstand the Toilet Debacle of 2012, and a lot of photo editing and uploading and frankly my brain is fried. so here have pictures. just.. take them:

we also were harassed by this dung beetle. 

(When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) by Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark just in case the last song is over. )

Then driving back home I was listening to Billie Holiday, it was around sunset, it was quiet yet full of people (that's Utah for ya, pretty beautiful) and I took pictures of things that just made me love the place I was at at the time I was at. Sentimental Sap. 

the bumper sticker says: We get too soon old and too late smart. Yes it has a typo, unless I'm not gettin what it really means, but it's still nice. 

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Had a baking party with The Tribe :) here it looks like its just me, they don't like to photograph at night, we're vampires. We made cake pops. I hate chocolate, but stickin' my fingers in that cake/frosting mixture was a little too fun for me. Cue maniacal laughter and hide face from camera. 

That's it! you survived...actually, it's totally cool if you just skipped down to this, in which case I also congratulate you because I am that tired, but I really love Le House of Mustache, so here I am. 

You know what I didn't do? I didn't go to the temple. Not once. Because I couldn't find my recommend. so so sad. blerupity. I'm sleepy yo. 

So Tired. No sentences. Love Hate relationship. Tired. Bad writer. 
G'night. This post sucked. blegh. 


"The key to acting is to look unwatched" - Tilda Swinton talking about acting in front of camera (vs. the theater)

Love this woman :)

I'm gonna get fired from my blog. I'll be writing tomorrow. Real talk. Sorry if I've disappointed.

Mustache Monday!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

I had a Slightly hectic day, but I shall narrate that tomorrow morning. Hope you had a lovely Monday!

Chill. Pills.

Chadwick Stokes by Coffee and Wine on Grooveshark (title looks inappropriate I know, but listen to it and let it get stuck in your head for days.)

Mama bear and the fattie got in a fight this morning. This has been an ongoing occurrence for the past month or so. I think he's having a hard time with what our family is going through and with the whole puberty bit, I've heard it could be quite daunting. Anywhoo, it made me really sad to see how much anger he harbored afterwards. I was all "chill out bro" (which btw is totally relevant because he is indeed my brother), and he retorted with a "she's a witch!" at which point I was all "whooooaa" (sorry if this sounds like a valley girl story). Point is, after he got over it, I explained to him how horrible it was to be angry, and how it only hurts him, because literally my mom thought about it for two minutes then went to school. 

Anger has been a subject in my life as of late. I was mentioning it to Shmaubri how, it's kinda sad that all these people I love are just so...bitter. And how kind of exhausting it is to be happy around them, but that I'm truckin on. She recommended I read The Tao of Pooh.

lets just get something straight. I freakin' love Winnie the Pooh. 

She said it really changed her life in seeing how simple and easy being a Pooh can be and not being an Eeyore or a Rabbit (if that puts it in perspective for you). I'm pretty pumped to read it to say the least.

on the agenda for the day:
  • call some insurance people. be an adult. this is the least likely to get done of the list. 
  • Straighten my hair. (there really isn't much I can do to better the "chipmunk" situation at the moment)
  • Buy a present. - Have I mentioned how poor and jobless I am at the moment?
  • Go to the birthday dinner of one of my oldest friends. (she's actually quite young, but I've known her since I was like 9) 
  • Bum around and pop pills till I'm better. 
See ya in the afternoon dear bloggy blog :)
I might use this gif every day of my life. 


I am trying to really hone my creative writing skills, as well as give my blog the love that it has been yearning for the past six months. I use to write so much on here, I used to not care if anybody read it or not, I used to just do it to make me laugh and to make me  feel better.

Things have changed a bit, but I'm determined to find that inner joy in what this blog is again, and to do that, I will be writing. Everyday. You are free to skip over it since the sheer abundance of writing might be a bit much, but I've challenged myself creatively. Every morning will be thoughts and hopes for the day, and every afternoon a cool lil tid bit, be it a style post, music, something from pinterest that I've actually done, Mustache appearance, whatever. I will just really be pushing me to not only write more, about my life, which was how this blog began in the first place, but the afternoon posts will push me to go out of my comfort zone a little, keep me taking pictures, finding the beauty in everyday and always on my toes to find creative content.
so. yeah. I'm pumped!!!!

one of the "lil tid bits" I hope to be sharing more, and be thinking about more is, philosophy, which is my secular way of saying religion. (before you get your panties in a bunch, I know they are different, I know) To me, however, I believe they go hand in hand, I take a lot of the wonderful things my religion has taught me and try to think of them in ways that I can apply to my daily life without "attacking" somebody with a Jesus spiel. The best way to preach is through example. Just to make sure they don't surprise you, if that's not your cup of tea, I will set aside Sundays for this. But really, they'll just be pretty words, so I highly recommend them. 

k. lets get this going! here ya go:
I Need Thee Every Hour by Paul Cardall on Grooveshark

Things have been hard around here (as is mentioned in this post.) But this week (and many after that) I hope to learn more and more to solely rely on my heavenly father (or a greater being/universe/good aura/whatever floats your boat). However, I feel I really learned faith (although there's always room to grow, I know) when I was in young women due to other trials I had at that time. What I need now isn't faith, it's works. I've gotten to a point where I see that although complete knowledge that the father has a plan and it will all turn out as it should helps, knowing that helps, acting in ways that will sharpen your spirits perception to the Lord's guidance is really what will get you out of a pickle. Example. Although I'm going through a trial that has constantly been a torture in my life, and I've never truly been able to stop it permanently, despite my many plans, efforts, and attempts, maybe, just maybe I need to stop coming up with "plans" that could or could not work, instead I should go to the temple (or a place for meditation if that's not available to you.) and hand that problem over to my redeemer, because maybe there is no plan (maybe there is) but it's definitely not one of the three bayillion* I've tried so far. It's a way of finding peace, and serenity without finding an answer. I don't want any more answers. I want peace. Outcomes change, that's why answers don't work, because there is not definitive end to anything in life, therefore answers are subject to change, constantly, so instead, if we allow and trust that awesome higher being to handle it, we might not know exactly what will be coming our way, but we'll be prepared for it. 

My challenge for myself this week: Go to the temple - twice. (if anybody cares to join me, be my guest)
and read my scriptures BEFORE I'm sleepy. 

Here's to an awesome week! 

If you watched Old Mexican Comedy Shows.

You will know who he is:

if you didn't... well then, that's totally fine too. Just know every single hispanic person probably knows who this is because this show has been on the air for approximately a bayillion* years. 

My mother has been calling me Quico all day. 

(listen to some music as you read. seriously, it will make you happy) L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and the Whale on Grooveshark

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out of my face yesterday at 4. It was difficult. My doctor pretended he was a lot cooler than he actually was, but I was completely content with it since he ended up being super nice.

I was pretty terrified I was gonna come out all loopy so I strictly forbid any type of camera anywhere near me, however, in my true old lady fashion, I was completely coherent waking up from surgery (we'll just not talk about my slight panic attack pre-surgery, I'm the worst patient ever), coming out I was the picture perfect example of..the life of the party at a corporate party. I was very "Oh thank you mother, you've been superb, lets do lunch sometime" and a little "where did you get those toms?" to the nurse and yes, I even asked the doctor exactly how the procedure went down. 

that's me yo. 
other than that. I've been incredibly mature. See, I tend to cry, a lot, and fuss and whine, not take my medicine and whine, and cry and whine when I'm sick. But not this time. This time I'm a big kid. Besides sleeping in my mommy's bed.

P.S. This is their ad.

How was I suppose to NOT have a panic attack.

Revision: My sweet boyfriend surprised me and showed up close to midnight with some delicious passion fruit (my favorite) sorbet from his restaurant and some hugs and kisses, which made everything all better as well.