Chill. Pills.

Chadwick Stokes by Coffee and Wine on Grooveshark (title looks inappropriate I know, but listen to it and let it get stuck in your head for days.)

Mama bear and the fattie got in a fight this morning. This has been an ongoing occurrence for the past month or so. I think he's having a hard time with what our family is going through and with the whole puberty bit, I've heard it could be quite daunting. Anywhoo, it made me really sad to see how much anger he harbored afterwards. I was all "chill out bro" (which btw is totally relevant because he is indeed my brother), and he retorted with a "she's a witch!" at which point I was all "whooooaa" (sorry if this sounds like a valley girl story). Point is, after he got over it, I explained to him how horrible it was to be angry, and how it only hurts him, because literally my mom thought about it for two minutes then went to school. 

Anger has been a subject in my life as of late. I was mentioning it to Shmaubri how, it's kinda sad that all these people I love are just so...bitter. And how kind of exhausting it is to be happy around them, but that I'm truckin on. She recommended I read The Tao of Pooh.

lets just get something straight. I freakin' love Winnie the Pooh. 

She said it really changed her life in seeing how simple and easy being a Pooh can be and not being an Eeyore or a Rabbit (if that puts it in perspective for you). I'm pretty pumped to read it to say the least.

on the agenda for the day:
  • call some insurance people. be an adult. this is the least likely to get done of the list. 
  • Straighten my hair. (there really isn't much I can do to better the "chipmunk" situation at the moment)
  • Buy a present. - Have I mentioned how poor and jobless I am at the moment?
  • Go to the birthday dinner of one of my oldest friends. (she's actually quite young, but I've known her since I was like 9) 
  • Bum around and pop pills till I'm better. 
See ya in the afternoon dear bloggy blog :)
I might use this gif every day of my life. 

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