Man or Muppet.

Thoughts while I watched this movie:

  • UK may have Kate and William but we have Jason and Michelle.
  • Michelle and Jason
  • Wow. I really am I'm love with Jason Segel.
  • How about I just marry Jason Segel.
  • Robmary Segel.
  • Ok movie is starting.
  • So cute!
  • Shmordo and I should be Walter and Gary for Halloween.
  • Yay Kermit
  • Jason Segel give me my heart back!
  • Love Amy Adams wardrobe.
  • Kermit Love
  • Yeah. Jason Segel.
  • At this point really, am I a women or a muppet?

If you're not entirely convinced you need to watch this movie for your soul to continue on the proper course for eternal life and salvation, let me help ya out:


One more time? From the top!


I apologize for
  1. The interruption from movie scenes in the first video.
  2. The incompleteness of the second video.
  3. The Portuguese. the video, not the group of people.

P.S. I disappear for two weeks - I get the most traffic this site has ever seen.
I post two long posts - crickets for three days.
I'm happy to know you enjoy my silence Internet, because I'm really quite terrible at keepin' up with this thing.

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  1. totally just laughed out loud and almost woke the husband. He's adorable- period. Happy weekend! xo