I am trying to really hone my creative writing skills, as well as give my blog the love that it has been yearning for the past six months. I use to write so much on here, I used to not care if anybody read it or not, I used to just do it to make me laugh and to make me  feel better.

Things have changed a bit, but I'm determined to find that inner joy in what this blog is again, and to do that, I will be writing. Everyday. You are free to skip over it since the sheer abundance of writing might be a bit much, but I've challenged myself creatively. Every morning will be thoughts and hopes for the day, and every afternoon a cool lil tid bit, be it a style post, music, something from pinterest that I've actually done, Mustache appearance, whatever. I will just really be pushing me to not only write more, about my life, which was how this blog began in the first place, but the afternoon posts will push me to go out of my comfort zone a little, keep me taking pictures, finding the beauty in everyday and always on my toes to find creative content.
so. yeah. I'm pumped!!!!

one of the "lil tid bits" I hope to be sharing more, and be thinking about more is, philosophy, which is my secular way of saying religion. (before you get your panties in a bunch, I know they are different, I know) To me, however, I believe they go hand in hand, I take a lot of the wonderful things my religion has taught me and try to think of them in ways that I can apply to my daily life without "attacking" somebody with a Jesus spiel. The best way to preach is through example. Just to make sure they don't surprise you, if that's not your cup of tea, I will set aside Sundays for this. But really, they'll just be pretty words, so I highly recommend them. 

k. lets get this going! here ya go:
I Need Thee Every Hour by Paul Cardall on Grooveshark

Things have been hard around here (as is mentioned in this post.) But this week (and many after that) I hope to learn more and more to solely rely on my heavenly father (or a greater being/universe/good aura/whatever floats your boat). However, I feel I really learned faith (although there's always room to grow, I know) when I was in young women due to other trials I had at that time. What I need now isn't faith, it's works. I've gotten to a point where I see that although complete knowledge that the father has a plan and it will all turn out as it should helps, knowing that helps, acting in ways that will sharpen your spirits perception to the Lord's guidance is really what will get you out of a pickle. Example. Although I'm going through a trial that has constantly been a torture in my life, and I've never truly been able to stop it permanently, despite my many plans, efforts, and attempts, maybe, just maybe I need to stop coming up with "plans" that could or could not work, instead I should go to the temple (or a place for meditation if that's not available to you.) and hand that problem over to my redeemer, because maybe there is no plan (maybe there is) but it's definitely not one of the three bayillion* I've tried so far. It's a way of finding peace, and serenity without finding an answer. I don't want any more answers. I want peace. Outcomes change, that's why answers don't work, because there is not definitive end to anything in life, therefore answers are subject to change, constantly, so instead, if we allow and trust that awesome higher being to handle it, we might not know exactly what will be coming our way, but we'll be prepared for it. 

My challenge for myself this week: Go to the temple - twice. (if anybody cares to join me, be my guest)
and read my scriptures BEFORE I'm sleepy. 

Here's to an awesome week! 

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