Well, This is Awkward.

I suppose I gots some 'xplainin to do.

How about we just pretend I never promised y'all I was gonna write not once, but twice a day (jeez, tryina bite more than ya can chew there?!).

So anywhoo...  this is where I have to inform you, plead with you to only read this post if, and only if, it is

  1. raining.
  2. night time/sunset.
  3. you're very peacefully happy. 
  4. you're ubber classy on your own. 
  5. this one is optional: you are drinking Sparkling Cider, and since I'm not discriminating on un-utahn/un-mormons, a glass of champagne is interchangeable here depending on your circumstance. 
A sailboat in the moonlight by Billie Holiday on Grooveshark
aren't you glad you listened to me now? and if you didn't.. well good luck living with yourself now. You can't undo what you did. just live with it. try listening to this and really appreciating it without the above circumstances.

Next disclosure: this will be long since I kinda had a poppin' week and I wrote zilch of it down, but ey, you got that nice music right? now take a sip of your champagne/cider and lets begin.

(this was last week, mind you) 

My dear friend Shmalba had her birthday dinner (it feels so nice being old enough to have birthday dinners...but the piñata is greatly missed, yes). So the mister and I went and had dinner at a fancy nancy new place here in Utah called Blue Lemon.
Now, I love my girl and I hadn't seen her in soooo long, her "and I are so alike, we're both so similar, we're both so stubborn" ($2 goes to who can guess where that line is from) anyways, she was great and I know she loves that place and we could've very well gotten the "wrong" thing. but... I think not. The food there... sigh. I have a whole post prepared for how much I did not like that food. 

oh gosh. what the heck did I do Tuesday....
This will also be going in that next post about what a fatso I am now. 
The Mister is a chef. Had I told ya? I don't know. 
He is obsessed with Yelp!. He's gotten me into it as well at this point. So in all my chipmunk glory (I had just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out) I begged him to take me out to a new Yelp! discovery. We had Thai food. This isn't funny at all so I'll just tell you how my brother keeps accidentally putting his shirt on backwards so we've been calling him Celine Dion. 

Oh! Almost forgot! Tuesday night I went to see Magic Mike with The Tribe. Don't judge me. Just.. LAWL. The whole movie. LAWL. Channing Tatum? LAWL. Joe Manganiello? LAWL. Mattew McConaughey?

This is right when this happened.
whoo! God Bless! (it was the Fourth of July)
"Yay for independence from British Rule!" - My facebook status that morning.

I woke up and was mad dashed to the pool by the Mister.
Then mad dashed to Cafe Rio with my Momma.

Then mad dashed to The Park with The Tribe.
 (Shmaubri's still has our great fourth of July family/Tribe pic)

Then the real mad dash to the fireworks. 

I believe I celebrated with class!

We saw Spiderman... I know some people be complainin' but I, honestly, in an unbiased (because Spiderman is not my favorite superhero- Sorry Shmarah) loved it. The only thing I would say, maybe the special effects, but really, they were not G.I Joe bad so.. that's pretty much the lowest standard possible, I know, but I feel it's a good judging point. 

Decided to go on a lovely hike to Ensign Peak with cute lil' Shmelby.. we talked a lot, about how life at this age seems kinda stuck but that we're both really excited for what's to come... we discussed sororities, studying abroad, the whole shebang... sorry it's gettin' dull..I've been at this post for three hours! had to withstand the Toilet Debacle of 2012, and a lot of photo editing and uploading and frankly my brain is fried. so here have pictures. just.. take them:

we also were harassed by this dung beetle. 

(When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) by Louis Armstrong on Grooveshark just in case the last song is over. )

Then driving back home I was listening to Billie Holiday, it was around sunset, it was quiet yet full of people (that's Utah for ya, pretty beautiful) and I took pictures of things that just made me love the place I was at at the time I was at. Sentimental Sap. 

the bumper sticker says: We get too soon old and too late smart. Yes it has a typo, unless I'm not gettin what it really means, but it's still nice. 

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad App
Had a baking party with The Tribe :) here it looks like its just me, they don't like to photograph at night, we're vampires. We made cake pops. I hate chocolate, but stickin' my fingers in that cake/frosting mixture was a little too fun for me. Cue maniacal laughter and hide face from camera. 

That's it! you survived...actually, it's totally cool if you just skipped down to this, in which case I also congratulate you because I am that tired, but I really love Le House of Mustache, so here I am. 

You know what I didn't do? I didn't go to the temple. Not once. Because I couldn't find my recommend. so so sad. blerupity. I'm sleepy yo. 

So Tired. No sentences. Love Hate relationship. Tired. Bad writer. 
G'night. This post sucked. blegh. 

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