The efforts you make as a sophomore to prove you're not a freshman are purdy ridiculous. I've done the whole "walk like you own the place" and some "wear a power outfit" really, I have the little things you wouldn't have thought of down... But I procrastinated and didn't map out my classes. Cool.  Got lost in the library guys. In my defense, our library is modeled after the enterprise. Not really. I also dropped my only true challenging class so far - champion. So now my schedule is Hispanic drama and intro to digital photography. Woop woop! Also, my head was totally wrong, my heart was so ready for school. Love my campus. However, my only other class will be at the bountiful campus. Bet you didn't know the U had campus up there! I didn't. We'll see how that goes. But it's with Shmamra, so I'm sure we'll have a grand ol' Bosnian time. My intern supervisor is sure I'm racist. She don't know I just love all races. And I don't understand why errybody so careful about the subject. Anywhoo. I'll keep you posted on my first day.

Ps. My teachers are super lax. Maybe this afternoon class shindig won't be that bad.

As you wait for your turn to talk...and it takes longer and longer...and still, not your name, and you start to question your answers.. And still not your name.. Then you wonder how you're gonna word it.."capture" or "catch" ... Is my answer corny? .... Gaaaahhh is this list alphabetical?!... Gosh that was a good answer...maybe I'm not on the list...Rob..ert. ... Stop squirming... What were my answers again? .."Robmary" ... "uhhh. I want to see things like other people see them, cause what I see might not be what other people see and I want to see it like they see it. And yeah, I also want to know photoshop. And I like takin candids like people hugging, or talking or falling." .....way to not answer the question champ.
Ok hers was really bad too.

What a nice Serbian boy. Shmichlev. Shmcarl however, yous a douche.

If I weren't Mormon, I'd be Jewish. Yes.

My biological father arrives tomorrow at 4. Haven't seen him in almost three years. Get ready yo.

Waiting for shuttles and stuff. 

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