Happy List

Ho Hey by The Lumineers on Grooveshark 
I've been trying to decide a song for five minutes, all while this song played in the background and I realized it was perfect

This will be quick:
A very, very long time ago, a person I hold very dear was going through a difficult time, they chose instead of moping and even more than just "counting their blessings", they would count the little (really little) things that just..make you take a deep breath and smile :)

My life right now is nowhere near that difficult, perhaps busy, but not difficult. Still, I need a little reminder of the things that make me happy, so I'm gonna be trying to post some lists, of things that just make life lil bit sweeter. 

You don't have to, and I know many people are shy... but if you feel the impulse to share the five things that make your life a little bit "smiley-er" feel free to post it in the comments (there's always the anonymous option), or even reaching me on Facebook. I will be posting some of the results in a few days. 

Sure as heck know we could all use a pick me up with school starting next week. Ha. 
Plus this could get really funny, really fast. 


  1. 1. Clean Sheets
    2. Chocolate
    3. First Kisses
    4. Cold Drinks of water
    5. New Books

  2. 1. Warm sun on your skin feeling
    2. when people pronounce common words weird (great example: ridiculous)
    3. seeing old friends
    4. a bowl of reeses puffs
    5. raspberry cookies from subway

    -Alba Lucia

  3. 1. Idris Elba's lips
    2. Idris Elba's eyes
    3. Idris Elba's voice
    4. Idris Elba's talent
    5. Idris Elba's body

  4. 1. the right quote in my scriptures
    2. a really good cookie
    3. unexpected fun
    4. a great shirt fitting perfectly
    5. a smile from my cupcake

  5. 1. A big bowl of ice cream
    2. Crawling in bed early
    3. Answers to prayers
    4. Dancing... Sometimes in the rain
    5. Walking through the streets of NYC

    Thank you Robmary! This is a great idea and exactly what I needed to do today.