My Poor Baby Heart

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Can we just...If I can get the words out. It probably won't work.. heart. Have you seen Downton Abbey? I just.. you need to ok? You need to truly discover your full emotional spectrum. Which you won't. Unless you watch this show. Because nothing makes me question my ability to love more than Matthew and Mary. You will... ok...sorry..I need gaps to recuperate... mental breathers. You will never fully know your potential to love a sassy bitty until you snap your fingers at the screen after Lady Grantham's life changing burns. Also, Lady Grantham? Yeah it's Dame Maggie Smith aka Professor McGonagall aka the owner of your soul. Not convinced? The amount of times you will bite something, and or make this face:
Bates? Do you even know what the word noble means? the word righteous or fair? No. Not if you don't feel for Bates. You don't.

just... oh my gosh. I can't even tell you other than WATCH THE DANG SHOW OK?! because you will never be the same. The sky will be bluer, the air cleaner, and the dollars crisper. All because Julian Fellowes decided to be a genius. And also, whoever writes the score for this show and whoever does the costumes should be getting all the money. And the actors. Ok everybody. Everybody should just own everything because they are the Crawley's demmit!

Here's some stuff for you to start letting your soul be it's true self:

The first two series (yeah it's a mini series) are on Netflix. The third one comes out in January, I think, in the US. But hit me up if you want a link to watch it now (it's out in the UK already). Just know, series three? Shirley Maclaine. 

Let me know if you start watching the show. Your journey should be documented.

This is the Story

All about how, my life got flipped turned upside down!


Guys, the Mister and I have been together for a whole year. I'm really quite skeptic, logical, and a touch cynical. So this is a pretty big deal to me. He, he always believed, always bet on us, and here we are. Heck I should take him to Vegas! (I will make jokes throughout this to downplay the emotional factor - sorry)

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Here's some smooth music to get ya in da mood.

This boy has been a whole other thing. A whole different ball game. From the very beginning. Everything from how we met, to how he handled my little break down last night is entirely different from anything I've ever had. He is the epitome of sweet. Every time I describe him, that's my adjective of choice: "sweet" 
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Cuddling with The Dog.

He remembers everything I love, he listens even when it seems he's not. He feels like home. Even when I'm mad at him, things feel right. He's a good man. Ya know? Like when you meet somebody and they have a firm hand shake, they're hard worker, tell a charming joke, dress pretty good and are always willing to help? Like that. Don't mean to brag (eh whoma'ikiddin) but if I had a dollar every time an older person came up to me and said "That's a good man right there!" I seriously would have been able to buy all my books for school. If you're a college student, ya should know, that's pretty dang impressive.

He's also super passionate about things. If you've ever met me, you know I'm super passionate. Like, overt facial expressions, super competitive, drama queen. The fact that he too has things he's passionate about, things that he must say, and things he is proud of, things he rambles about for a good minute or two, brings out in me a calm, delicate version of myself I'd never seen. I constantly find myself being the calm to the storm, he makes me feel, like being feminine is more than ok, and he loves every bit of my "shhh shhh shhhss's ok honey"'s.  I love that he gets so excited about everything. Especially commercials. This kid loves commercials, and he falls for every single one.
My view from our first date. Kinda. 

Don't get me wrong, we have our challenges, and boy have we had some obstacles, but despite it all, he's always willing to talk it out, and never, ever allows me to think my requests or ideas are ridiculous. Which is pretty awesome. 

And lastly (at least for this post's sake), his testimony is, ridiculous. He got to know the church through me. For a really long time, I tried to hide it. I didn't want to pressure him, I didn't want to be one of those silly girls who really believes a man got baptized for them. I wanted somebody with their own testimony. However, as much as I tried to "not pressure him" and not talk about the gospel, the Lord had a different plan. Time and time again I would catch myself baring my testimony in ways I'd never even thought of before (and I want to serve a mission!), the questions he would ask would conjure words out of me that I didn't even consciously think of. Something in his heart changed. Something in my heart changed. I will never, in all my years truly count Ygor as my first convert, because in all actuality, I know it was all him. I tried so hard to not talk about the subject. He searched out the missionaries, and although I know it all seemed crazy to him at first, he read the whole Book of Mormon (before I did!), he joined Institute, got baptized, ironed his suit and made his way every Sunday to church. He taught his baby sister to pray, he faithfully pays his tithing, and when I falter, he reminds me "This is merely temporary". He plans on going on a mission mid next year. And just recently got called as a ward missionary. He's a good man.

Thanks for an amazing year. I know what I always say, but you are my dearest friend. You bring out in me things I never knew, and you make me so very happy. Hey let's not get in a car accident this year mmkay?


Growing up we didn't have insurance. My step father was an insurance salesman, and he believed it was a bunch of mashugana. Due to the lack of insurance, we never, and I mean basically ever, went to the doctor. When we got sick my mother would make up doctor's notes my mom would just write "mom" notes for school and stuff. So on the rare occasion (twice) we actually were at the doctor's hospital, and we got a doctor's note, I'd always wave it all miss hotsy tots at the secretary at school "I got a Dooooctooor's Nooottee" ....She never understood that to me, that note was pretty much signed from the President and said I could do whatever I wanted because I almost died.

So I've been sick.
You might remember this: Last time my body hated me.
If you don't, that's ok too.

Lemme give you the rundown: Infected tonsils, headaches, fever, nausea, chills, dizziness, eye twitch, body ache, fatigue, and...swollen gums - which is weird. For a whopin' week!

I'm not entirely out of the woods yet, but I did take advantage of the lumberjack. whhaaat? I'm slowly gettin' back in the swing of things, and I'm definitely hating myself for taking so much on this semester, which is most likely why I got sick in the first place.

Anywhoo, today's Labor Day, so...don't wear white anymore* ... and also means a got a little day off, but tomorrow we get back on that horse! I'm really gonna try to hit the ground running, so I'm sure there will be doubters, but this time around I got two doctor's notes, and a fever sore on my lip to prove it: I get to do whatever I want now.

*people back in the day didn't wear white after labor day because it was a sign of wealth to wear different color clothing for different seasons, specifically white pants- summer (think rich folks at a country club. or allie's parents in The Notebook), Labor day signified the end of summer, therefore a faux pas to wear summer clothes in fall.