Here Comes the Sun.

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I'm thankful for missions.

For modern revelation.

For change.

I'm thankful for sweet boyfriends who make sandwiches.

I'm thankful for callings.

And singles wards.

I'm thankful for friends like Sarah Day and Alba Lucia and Maxi.

I'm thankful for the heartache that's built me.

For $6 shoes.

For the atonement, and for sacrament.

I'm thankful for groupon.

I'm thankful for personal revelation.

I'm mostly thankful the Lord is kind enough to carry me when I'm a lazy butt, and that he sends sweet people to kiss my forehead when I'm down.

Time to get better, time to be content. Time to see the world, starting with West Valley.

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  1. I'm sick and a lil lonely in my new appartment so I wanted to go on your blog because it always cheeres me up and now I have a huge smile on my face because you're thankful for ME :) You're a wonderful friend :)

    1. I miss you so much and have so much to tell you :( can't wait to talk soon