Let's take a Trip

As I sit in class, and the very nice librarian explains how to do my assignment, I can't help but fade in and out of what he's saying. I love learning, I love college. Love it. Hate homework. Hate work. I know, I know, nothing is more repugnant than an ol' lazy toad. But that is what I am as of late. It takes all I got to do anything... I think it's because my life is a little out of order again. I really thought about how nice and ready and motivated I feel just by having my room clean and my bed made and it made me all warm and fuzzy and ready to work! So today I shall clean, I shall organize, I shall indulge in the mundane "Can I get a 'WOOP WOOP' for doin' these dishes?!"

Wanna go somewhere with me?

Lets go to....

Lets go on a Safari.
Better pack.

Rum Hee by Shugo Tokumaru on Grooveshark 

Safari - For FOX888
Op and my tooth brush and scriptures
And of course, my pillow pet, let's get real. 
Ok, here we go!
whew. Good flight. Alrightee, here we go! 
Hey this is a pretty nice hotel, good choice. I like that we're "roughin it" but not really. 
Ok see this, this is roughin it a little too much, I just feel like we're asking for it if we have pancakes and bacon out here. You're just so darn adventurous, alright then. 
whoo whoo whoo! here we go!
 And then I about died. This was. Life changing. 
Then we stopped for lunch. You insisted on getting some champagne in me, I don't know why, you know I'm Mormon. And so I made you sit by yourself. In the lonely chair. 
and I had lunch with these people, they were pretty nice. But that one girl in the brown? Did we ever figure out where she was from?
Then this happened. Everybody had a cow, but I don't like cats. Much less of the huge variety. Eh. 
We started heading home and this totally happened, too bad we weren't in THEIR jeep, that would've been cool. Hey who the heck put that watermark on my picture?!
Love them, but these guys were freakin' everywhere! But great shot! Sorry I stole your pic for my blog, but hey! I took you to Africa!
Those $100 for the safari photographer? Best $100 of my life. 
Back in our hut, safe and sound. 
Because we're classy. 
We had to come home cause class is almost over and I have to be on time to Photography.
Thanks for traveling with me! Go nap and unpack kiddo! You must be super jet lagged. See you!

P.S. I'm gonna fail college. 


  1. HAHA! I love you so much. This was fantastic. We definitely need to hang out and have a chat. I swear we are always going through the same things at the exact same time. You pretty much just described my life right now. It is definitely time for a chat!