Christmastime is Here!

Sorry about the picture overload, I just love my house at Christmas and wanted to invite you in :) hope it get's you in the Christmas spirit! Oh, and don't forget, tonight is the fourth night of Chanukah... someday, I'll celebrate Chanukah. The holiday's are just beautiful

Called To Serve!

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Y'all know nothing makes me a snappier and wittier writer than defying authority, or in my Mormon-girl case, not paying attention in class and blogging instead. 
This is gonna sound super snottish. Please don't hate me. But I've had a lot of traffic lately and it's made me super ashamed that my last post was actually a million years ago. I'm sorry if you stopped by and you had to relive our short lived Africa trip. Africa Trip. A LOT has happened.   Davido got called on a mission!! There were a lot of tears. Lemme just give you a little sister manifesto here: My brother David is such a champ. Really. He has been to hell and back and he tells a joke the whole way through. He also will not shut up for a single second of the journey, but he will definitely make you laugh. Like, pee your pants, laugh. He loves the gospel, he loves the Lord and he loves righteousness. We've had our differences through the years, and sometimes, sometimes I feel like he isn't there for me, but then he goes right to scoffing at me and saying "That's so annoying! why would you say that?! I'm always there for you! Always!"...My brother is Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, seriously. He is gonna be a bomb missionary, and I cannot wait for him to come back speaking spanish!  *This also pumps me up for Nato's mission next year, jus wait until you here that story!
Then this one thought it would be cool and go on a mission too! No but really, Alba and I have been planning on missions since the dawn of time. Oh PS. Alba and I are the same person. She goes to That other school in Provo, and has lived in Ogden most of our friendship, but through thick and thin, we lived the same life in different cities.  She's kinda gonna be an amazing missionary. No seriously. Her personality is infectious and can be quite convincing. She could sell sand to an Arab (which is a happy coincidence, since her major is Arabic). She's gonna kill it.
Jamina's getting married! To her high school sweet heart :) He's back from his mission and they're gettin' hitched!
I'm goin' on a mission!!!!!
That's right folks, this little lady is servin time! Got my tear drop ready and errythin' (got to get one ghetto reference in there, I'm from West Valley, yo). When the general LDS authorities made the announcement, my face wasn't quite sure what to do..
I started laughing so hard of excitement that I started crying. It was some cray stuff. 
But honestly, this has been the best decision of my life. It fits nowhere in my plan (my original plan was when I was 21, not 19) and that's exactly how God likes it so I'm game. 
Other than that, holy cow do I want school to be done, after that I'm prepping on spending some quality time with my family (my grammy's coming from Venezuela) and getting ready to go in to the temple and other wonderful things.
P.S. This happened. 
Let the good times roll!


Things I hope are wisdom:

  • You don't have to have the last word in a conversation. There is more power in being the first to silence, than the last to talk.
  • A "please" and "thank you" will get you almost anywhere in life. Really. 
  • God is always on your side. Always. Whether you believe in him, whether you don't. Whether you like him, or you don't. Whether you're a good person or a bad person. He's always on your side. So when bad things/bad days/bad people happen to you, don't blame God. The world is bad. Satan is who perpetuates the bad. When you follow what you know is right, the Lord is bound. He will bless you and protect you from the world. When we falter? He anxiously waits on the other side, cheering us on, because for that moment, we have broken our end of the contract, and as much as he may want to, he's a man of righteousness who cannot break his rules. Do what you know is right. Get your act together. He's so ready and anxious to bless you. Let him, dang it!
  • Is this going to be important a year from today? Yes? Fix it. No? Let it go. 
  • Sad but don't want to cry? Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 
  • Always try to see the bigger picture.
  • When you feel like you're betraying yourself, you probably are. 
  • I know you've heard it, but don't be a bad tipper dang it. You know waiters/waitresses make their living off tips, and it says so much about you. 
  • Want to succeed? Fall in love with looking like a fool. Ex: photographer? you will lay on the floor. Actor? you will shout in British accents at strangers. It's a fact. Take the leap, you will be remembered. 
  • You don't have to know what the reason is, but the consolation that everything happens for a reason can be pretty powerful. Let it unfold, mmkay? 
  • You live in a society. I know we all want "stick it to the man" but seriously, just learn from those who have come before you, listen to those who love you, and sometimes, remember your choices don't just affect you. 
  • Know God is a comic, buy a ticket to the show. 
  • Love everybody. Everybody. Absorb as much as you can from books, movies, music, and most importantly, people. Take a sec and find something you like about every single person around you. Don't be afraid to speak out to somebody. Reach out. Literally, with your arms, reach out. If  you feel awkward hugging people, chances are, if you do it enough times, you'll get used to it. Nothing makes life sweeter than truly delighting in the Human spirit. 

Eh I'm a noob. Any wisdom for me? Imma need it! You'll see why soon :) 

*this has been an ongoing post for the last three months. so in actuality, it should have a bunch more, but I'm not that wise.